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April 25, 2019

Dunavox a leading player In the Wine Cooler industry

Who is Dunavax?

Dunavox is a wine cooler specialist company based in Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian brand was founded by Gabor Hamko, the name Dunavox means the voice of Danube, which is the famous river that runs through Central and Eastern Europe. Dunavox have been developing their wine coolers for over 14 years and have become a leading player in the wine cooler market. Dunavox has built a powerful sales and service network across more than 40 countries worldwide including parts of America and most of Europe and Asia, offering a wide range of quality products at great prices. To find your nearest retailer, you can find a list on the Dunavox website

What makes Dunavox different?

Dunavox is proud to maintain their quality standards by manufacturing all of the internal components to the highest standards at their manufacturing site, which are then constructed together on the same site and inspected. Unlike most wine cooler brands on the market, these components are sourced cheaply and often shipped to another factory to be constructed. This is where the level of quality control deteriorates and hence these wine coolers are often noisy and not lasting for many years. Dunavox has a clear mission to be prominent in the market and understands that quality must not be compromised.

Leading player in the industry

Dunavox’s primary market is the kitchen industry where they offer Europe’s largest range of premium and luxury wine coolers to kitchen retailers. Their undercounter wine coolers come in standard sizes as well as a unique 400mm wine cooler and a dual zone 300mm wine cooler that you cannot find elsewhere. The kitchen range also include integrated and tall built in wine coolers.

Dunavox has recently introduced their high-end display wine coolers: the label-view range and handleless range for the avid collectors. These products are at the forefront of the wine cooler industry and both offer new and innovative ideas, such as the use of patented shelving in the label-view range and Push2Open technology in the handleless range.

Unrivalled service

Dunavox are by far the most reliable units with the lowest breakdown rate of any wine cooler company in Europe. Their aftersales is supported by Elite Wine Refrigeration who utilises two service providers in the event of a breakdown. Elite Wine Refrigeration work to a very high standard and is a corporate member of the home specialists association Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Specialists Association (KBSA). You can contact find their contact details here

The collection of wine coolers

Dunavox’s primary market is the kitchen industry, the majority of their collection is dedicated to this as they have built an unrivalled retailer network of kitchen retailers throughout Europe. The kitchen line of wine coolers, includes undercounter wine coolers, integrated wine coolers to match integrated ovens and microwaves and also full height wine coolers which are the same size as a standard fridge which can also be built in with kitchen cabinets around them. Dunavox also have a strong presence in the freestanding wine cooler market, were they have a great selection of freestanding units which range in bottle capacities from 16 up to 54 bottles and are available in single or dual zone models.

Dunavox has been manufacturing Horeca units, designed for restaurants and hotels and to store wines in their optimum conditions for years to come. These are highly robust wine cabinets featuring full black exteriors and tinted glass doors.

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