Duracell launches the Duracell Powerbank!

December 21, 2018

This essential product arrives just in time for the festive season, so whether that’s a long weekend away soaking up some much-needed sun or powering you through a day on the slopes in Austria. Don’t miss out on that perfect snow-topped mountain shot just because your phone has lost battery power!

This handy Powerbank is a key essential to pack along your ski gear, so won’t have to worry about losing power during picturesque moments on top of those snowy hills.

Available in three different sizes, these light weight and great value Powerbanks are designed to keep us swiping, scrolling and surfing for up to 72 hours longer so we can wave goodbye to the dread of running out of phone battery at the most inconvenient time!

Product benefits:

Approved for flying
10 safety features inc. over temperature protection, flame retardant case and overcharge/discharge at cell level
Ready to use (pre-charged)
Up to 2 x faster with fast charge technology
Up to 5 x iPhone 7 charges
Up to 72 hours of power
Dual-Charge – Phone or Tablet + Powerbank for simultaneous charging
High capacity (up to 10050 mAh)
3-year guarantee
Universal compatibility
72hr device can charge multiple devices with 2 x USB ports

Duracell Powerbanks RRP from £19.99-£34.99 at leading online retailers including Argos and Amazon, and instore at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

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