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June 11, 2020

‘Eaten Alive’: From Michelin kitchens to award-winning hot sauce and kimchi made in Battersea

Eaten Alive is a fermented foods producer, making award-winning kimchis, sauerkrauts and hot sauces. Founded in 2016, it is the creation of two chefs who after over 20 years combined experience in some of the UK’s top restaurants (The Ledbury, L’Enclume, Fera), bonded over a shared passion for fermentation, flavour and a growing interest in the link between live cultures and health.

Glyn Gordon and Pat Bingley left the professional kitchen in 2015 to pursue their mutual obsession with lacto-fermentation, first launching their Classic Spicy Kimchi. A runaway success, this was quickly followed by their fermented hot sauces and krauts. The pair started with a stall at London’s Borough Market, demand soared and they are now on the shelves of Whole Foods, Sainsbury’s, Planet Organic, various independent Deli’s and the Eaten Alive online shop.

The Eaten Alive range aims to be not just the tastiest, but the most-healthy products available on the high street – they are all additive-free, completely raw, vegan and teeming with good bacteria. Only the finest ingredients are used and made to the secret recipes created by Pat and Glyn at their kitchen in Battersea.

Eaten Alive came about almost by ‘accident’. Pat Bingley, Managing Director, comments, “The original plan was to open a fermentation-led restaurant…find a railway arch and make it half fermentarium, half restaurant – we’ve managed the railway arch but it’s currently fermenting tons and tons of cabbages, chillies, and so on – definitely no room for a restaurant yet!”

Pat and Glyn are passionate about working with exciting ingredients to produce addictively savoury and complex flavours. Their Smoked Sriracha alone was over a year in development and each batch takes six months to produce. The pair developed an in-house smoking process, which for the Smoked Sriracha means smoking two chilli varieties, onions, garlic and peppers over oak before they are fermented in barrels for six months. The blending and adjusting process that follows is similar to that of a whisky, as working with natural ingredients and processes will produce slight variations from one batch to the next.

Glyn Gordon, comments, “Time and patience is the magic ingredient in most of our products. We ferment our sauces for six months – although the ingredients are technically fermented and preserved within two, they just don’t have the complexity and depth we’re looking for – they taste unfinished.”

The Eaten Alive Range

Fermented Hot Sauces – RRP £3.99

Smoked Sriracha – Combination of chillies, sweet peppers, garlic and onions are smoked over oak before being fermented for several months to develop tantalisingly complex flavours. Smoky, rich and tangy with a deep chilli kick.

Chocolate Habanero BBQ

An explosive mix of habanero, cayenne and ancho chillies, smoked over bourbon barrel chips, then slowly fermented to intensify the flavour. Blended with raw cacao and preserved limes it’s deeply savoury.

Preserved Lemon

A fiery yellow chilli sauce with the fresh, zesty magic of ripe lemons. Yellow habanero chillies, sweet peppers and lemons, slowly fermented over several months then blended with raw unfiltered cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice and a touch of pure cane sugar.

Scotch Bonnet

Scotch bonnets and sweet peppers with a touch of garlic, slowly fermented to develop intense, fruity flavours then blended with raw unfiltered cider vinegar and a touch of pure cane sugar – use wherever you would Tabasco!

There are thousands of hot sauces, but only a handful have been through the fermentation process, which produces addictive, satisfyingly savoury characteristics and well-rounded heat. Eaten Alive’s are made with exciting combinations of ingredients, some of which are smoked in-house before being lacto-fermented over several months. When these ingredients have developed the complex flavours, they are blended with raw, unfiltered cider vinegar and cane sugar to produce a hot sauce brimming with the fruity characteristics of scotch bonnets, intense – full of nuance and flavour, and rich in live cultures.

Kimchi and Krauts

Classic Spicy Kimchi RRP £5.99
Classic Mild Kimchi RRP £5.99
Inspired by the most recognised Korean kimchi dish, a combination of Chinese leaf cabbage, spring onions, garlic, Korean chilli and fresh red chillies, ginger, soy and a touch of apple. The mild variant has the same bold flavours as our Classic Spicy but without such a chilli kick.

Golden Kimchi RRP £5.99

Chinese leaf, fresh lemons, garlic and a tiny amount of chilli are fermented together to create more delicate kimchi, inspired by the preserve Glyn makes with the lemons from his mother’s garden in Israel.

White Cabbage Kimchi RRP £5.49

Using white British cabbages and our classic spicy kimchi recipe to produce a kimchi-kraut hybrid that has a bit more crunch than our classic kimchi.

Smoky Pink Kraut RRP £5.49

A classic-style sauerkraut given a lift with smoked chipotle chilli, beetroot and Moorish spices.
Kimchi is a high-fibre, low-calorie powerhouse of micronutrients, including iron, calcium, selenium, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, phytonutrients such as capsaicin, chlorophyl, carotenoids, flavonoids and isothiocyanates – and it’s teeming with good lactobacillus bacteria.

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