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June 30, 2021

Elite and award-winning spirits brand Illuminati Vodka launches

Ultra-premium and innovative new luxury spirits brand Illuminati Vodka launch with a uniquely eye-catching light-up bottle and a brand inspired by a Centuries-old elite secret society.

Illuminati Vodka, with its matte-black bottle and distinctive fibre-optic-lit logo – The Eye of God, a symbol synonymous with the world’s oldest secret society, The Illuminati – is refinement and elegance, bottled.

Inspired by the elitism and mystique of the world’s supposed oldest secret society – where a purported collective worked to create a better world for the good of humanity – Illuminati Vodka is for those who gravitate towards a cosmic power, who are influential natural leaders, and who believe in ambitious goals and ideals.

Illuminati Vodka is an ultra-premium spirit with an unparalleled and exceptional velvety softness and has been designed to deliver a subtle-on-the-palate signature brand flavour. Produced with the highest quality Polish cultivated rye grain, it’s a light, refreshing and sophisticated vodka and was recently awarded Bronze at The 2021 London Spirits Competition.

Undertaking a unique seven-step distillation process and filtered through charcoal to remove all microscopic impurities, Illuminati Vodka is crafted with discerning care to create a vodka deserved of its connotations to the elite. Undergoing a final step in its refinement, the ultra-premium vodka is aged in steel vats – a traditional technique that clarifies the taste – allowing the spirit to rest and the flavours to synergise, coming together in harmony to deliver a sleek, balanced taste with a delicate finish and a silken texture.

Gabby Fisher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer says, “We came together as a group – James, Kelly and I – to create the most elite spirit on the market; a vodka that is the epitome of quality, great taste and style and one that will be instantly recognisable on the shelf or within an after-dark experience. The Illuminati are associated with challenging the status quo and that’s absolutely what we are going to achieve with Illuminati Vodka – a new- to-market disrupter that will have people talking for time”.

Illuminati Vodka makes for the perfect vodka experience; purposefully crafted to 40% ABV to create a sleekness and smoothness of flavour to enjoy neat, or alternatively, Illuminati Vodka makes the ideal companion to mix and muddle in cocktails to draw out and accentuate sweeter notes.

Illuminati Vodka is available to purchase directly from Illuminati Vodka Ltd in 70cl bottles, all ABV 40% and RRP £39.99.

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