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February 20, 2020

Empowerment Coaching Retreat with Michele Walsh!

Are you wondering why don’t you have a successful business right now? It’s time to unlock your next level expansion through coaching and meditation at the Empowerment Coaching Retreat with empowerment coach Michele Walsh from 23 to 26 March 2020

Michele Walsh and Blue Black Luxury Lifestyle Management have teamed up to run a four-day empowerment retreat for female entrepreneurs from 23 to 26 March 2020 at the Athenian Riviera. Michele Walsh is well-known for her unique blend of coaching style both spiritual and corporate when it comes to motivating and getting the job done! Michele herself comes from a business background and know well what it’s like to rise to the top of your game only to crash down. Michele is there to help female business owners or potential owner to find a way of re-invent themselves and equip them with what is needed to raise their game and find success. The Empowerment Coaching Retreat with Michele Walsh with prices starting from £2250 per person to include accommodation, daily coaching session, yoga and meditations, meals and experiences.

The Empowerment Coaching Retreat by Michele Walsh will help female entrepreneurs in improving and developing a different mindset and equip them with ways of building a successful business, finding a constant stream of new clients. It, also, will build on self-confidence and belief of overcoming all obstacles that usually are related with self-limiting beliefs and nagging thoughts of “not being good enough”, your product or service not being attractive and focussing on failure rather than success.

The retreat will be right for those who feel overwhelmed, disheartened and demotivated at times because running a successful business pile on too much pressure for you to enjoy it. Michele Walsh will make sure you find the right balance and improved mindset to cope!

When it comes to Michele Walsh and her work here are few testimonials from past clients:

“I have started attracting new clients at the rate of one a week for the last 5 weeks! My self -confidence is increasing and my income for the year is a whopping 1200% increase! There’s a number to conjure with!” Mandy Aris, Family Lawyer.

“I have gained over 73 new clients in the first 5 months and just over 2 years and I worked out that since we’ve been working together my income has increased by 287.5%, now that’s a lot!” Lisa Stachwell from Lisa Satchwell, Energetics.

“I had just one hour with Michele and I was offered two jobs, which came to a total of £2,600 within 3 days. I then released a video on Insta that hit 6.5 million views and my followers increased by 10k overnight”. Megan Rose Lane, Instagram Influencer


“I’ve earnt an incredible Mercedes Benz from my company and my income is 3 times what it was when I was working full time. The investment terrified me but now I’m earning that amount every single month. Just do it!” Lucy West, RVP Arbonne


“Michele has helped me put together, market and sell a VIP package with mindset, positive thought and taking the right actions. Just one selling tip she gave me meant I sold £11,500 of packages in just over 2 days”.Noell Watson, Noelle Watson Fitness

“We have had the best month in business ever and the best day in business ever and we’ve been in business for 14 years! Rebecca Cross, Dove Hearing Centres.

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