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August 27, 2019

Equestrian Fashion Trends Shaping The Future of Luxury Athleisure Fashion

The luxury wellness economy is booming, apparently in all sectors – from luxury travel to prestige beauty and high-end fitness. Fitness has evolved from a lifestyle choice to a status symbol, so much so that, athletic wear and luxury fashion are no longer two distinct words.

The influence of athleisure on luxury fashion has profoundly changed the way we dress. There is perhaps no sport that has engrossed in fashion like riding wear. From Taylor Swift to Kate Middleton, equestrian fashion has inspired many celebrities and designers. It has become very common to spot celebrities wearing equestrian-inspired ensembles, whether they are highly tempted by the comfort of stretchy riding pants or taking time to honour the Victorian era.

In any case, several factors have contributed to the adoption of riding apparel into the world of luxury and helped bring equestrian fashion at the forefront of high-end fashion. Items that were once focused on functionality have now been given a designer reinterpretation. That being said, we have enlisted below 6 equestrian fashion trends that have crossed from the show ring over to the runway, shaping the future of luxury athleisure fashion.

Riding Boots

What’s the most-loved carryover from the equestrian world? Long riding boots, yeah that’s true. These tall, faux leather horse riding boots have been a fall and winter staple for many years. They are super warm to defeat the cold weather, and they are also great for a little bit of puddle splashing. Plus they look dashing with everything – short dress, high-waist jeans and sweater, and shorts.


While we are still discussing equestrian riding boots, we cannot ignore the way spurs have created a special place in the heart of non-riders. Yes, even the most functional accessory has been adopted by the fashionistas. Everyone loves some extra bling! That is why many designers have their boots feature spur-inspired heel adornments, taking a cue from British history.

Riding Coat

This won’t be much of a surprise! Just like a formal blazer, a good riding coat adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Buttoned or open, it can add structure to any ensemble – loose or skin fit. That is why everyone outside the riding school wears it.


Perhaps the most-widely inspired trend from the equestrian world, breeches have been loved by fashionistas for many years now – and for a good reason. Everyone from Giuliana Rancic to Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing riding-style pants, and why not? They are super comfortable, sleek, and trendy. So, take a cue from Taylor Swift and update your wardrobe with these must-have riding pants.

Sock Tie

Refreshing and unexpected, a sock tie can give a classy, vintage look to an otherwise plain ensemble. Paired with a cute high-neck dress, this look works well for all occasions.


This is an ultimate stable to street piece. Unbelts are flexible, stretchable bands that ensure ultimate comfort. Designed to fit every body and gender, they prevent gaping at the back of your jeans. Used by many designers and celebrity stylists, it’s not hard to see why unbelts have taken crossed over to the mainstream.

Equestrian fashion has the essence of elegance and classiness. And perhaps that is why the distinction between daywear and activewear is eroding, opening doors to a new clothing category in fashion — driven by aspirations and wellness, and of course celebrity endorsements on social media.

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