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October 7, 2020

Face Lift Dentistry Treatment improving Facial Aesthetics – no Surgery

Meta Description: Learn how jaw misalignment can impact your facial aesthetics, along with the info about Face Lift Dentistry that can improve your appearance without surgery.

There’s no escaping the fact that we’ll age. Our facial aesthetics will change, too. However, that doesn’t mean you have to let time take its toll. Many people have made this choice if the global market for orthodontic therapy is any indication.

The worldwide clear aligners market alone was £1,701 billion in 2019. Experts expect it to increase almost fourfold to nearly £6 billion by 2027.

We care how we look and are willing to pay to keep our youthful appearance. While we may not realize it, how we see ourselves can have cascading effects on all aspects of our lives. It starts with a smile.

Conventional Treatments to Improve Facial Aesthetics

Many cosmetic dentistry methods exist that address specific dental issues. Veneers from resin composite or porcelain, for example, can restore the brilliance of your smile and repair damage. Crowns can cover misshapen teeth and strengthen them.

Let’s face it. Many of these procedures are painful. Some like crowns are not permanent. Some involve filing healthy tooth enamel and other invasive techniques. Others merely mask the problem instead of solving the cause of it. There are also risks of complications afterwards, such as cold sensitivity.

Fortunately, dentistry has improved in recent years with better therapies and less painful procedures. They overcome the anxiety that many people feel about visiting their dentist in the first place.

Jaw Misalignment and Ageing

The underlying cause of many facial aesthetics issues is jaw misalignment. It’s a natural consequence of ageing and tooth wear. Years of eating and drinking shows the results.

Your jaw might click when you open and close your mouth. You may have more headaches or neck pain. These symptoms have one primary cause. Our teeth and jawline don’t line up like they used to do. That can explain some of the other side effects you may experience, such as breathing problems, a lower blood oxygen level, and sleep apnea.

The fact remains that your dental health affects your entire body, including your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Jaw misalignment also has mental health implications. How many times have you caught yourself lowering your head or covering your mouth because you were embarrassed by your teeth?

Before, jaw surgery was one of your only options to correct misalignment. This invasive procedure carries many health risks, including infections, soft tissue injuries, and nerve damage. However, now you have a choice.

 Face Lift Dentistry

Face Lift Dentistry Without Surgery

This cutting-edge treatment is the work of Dr Sam Muslin. Using the innovative JawTrac technology with VENLAY® restorations can restore your proper jaw alignment in a matter of weeks, instead of months like conventional options. Patients can see the improvement in their appearance before the treatment begins. Also, the therapy doesn’t use braces, grinding, or other painful procedures, making it less invasive.

The process begins with a complete history, along with the patient’s account of the impacts on their life. It isn’t just about treating physical issues. How a person views their world and how they perceive others to see them has profound implications for one’s mental health.

What You Can Expect

Dr Muslin believes in a holistic approach to jaw alignment. After all, the embarrassment of one’s appearance has psychological effects, too. Therefore, successful treatment depends just as much on addressing these issues that can impact your well-being.

Face Lift Dentistry is more than just cosmetic. It solves the problem by going to the source, the jawline. Misalignment is often the cause of many other dental health issues, such an overbite, jaw pain, and sleeping problems. Unfortunately, your face reveals what’s happening, namely, ageing from inside your body.

When you feel good about how you look, it shows. Everyone can see your youthful facial aesthetics. Your skin will improve with better sleep and less tension. The effects can affect your entire outlook on life.

Dr Muslin has over 40 years of experience in the field. He learned early in his career about the vital connection between a healthy face and the quality of life. It is the lynchpin of his philosophy. While people seek these types of treatments for aesthetic purposes, there are often functional issues, too. That’s what makes this solution so unique.

His mission is to improve his patient’s entire face and its profile. Jaw misalignment can alter one’s chin position, making it seem small or out of place. The result is premature ageing. That’s another reason why it’s so crucial to look at the big picture. Often, traditional dentistry misses this critical piece.

While we can’t stop the clock, we can take charge of our facial aesthetics. Luckily, surgery isn’t your only choice. Face Lift Dentistry offers a welcome alternative without the invasive procedures of traditional treatments. It can give you a better outlook on life with a healthy face to show to the world. Now, that’s something to smile about.



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