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January 29, 2020

Gaetano Brands: The Preferred Fashion Designer of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights

Grandfather Gaetano

Gaetano Brands enters 2020 as THE hottest fashion design brand for males in Las Vegas, whether the client is a nightlife VIP, a corporate executive or a member of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights.

“The Gaetano Brand is innovative, progressive and redefining luxury,” says Tommie Battaglia, founder, designer and Chief Executive Officer of Gaetano Brands. “We focus on fashion-forward trends and handmade craftsmanship while maintaining attention to detail.”

Named after Battaglia’s grandfather, Gaetano Battaglia, Tommie’s paternal great-grandmother, Gaetano’s mother, came from a long line of seamstresses and tailors from Sulmona in central Italy.

“I could not think of a better way to honour my grandfather than by naming the company after him,” says Battaglia. “The Gaetano brand focuses on guest satisfaction and the made-to-measure custom experience. Each guest is paired with a highly-skilled designer that facilitates the guest in discovering their own unique style.”

Gaetano Golden with the Knights

The ascension of the Gaetano brand has a direct correlation with the ascension of the Vegas Golden Knights into the National Hockey League. The Golden Knights made history during their inaugural 2017-18 season when they made it all the way to the Stanley Cup championship series before losing to the Washington Capitals.

It was during this memorable season that nearly a dozen of the Golden Knights players started to wear Gaetano fashion designs during road trips, media appearances and social events. The positive reaction they received turned into word-of-mouth business for Battaglia. By the end of the inaugural season, the Gaetano brand was synonymous with the Vegas Golden Knights players.

Even Las Vegas’ darkest day, the October 1, 2017, mass shooting, was turned into a positive when in late September 2018 Gaetano teamed with the Vegas Golden Knights for a charity event for shooting victims and first responders right next to where the Golden Knights’ home at T-Mobile Arena.

“The Golden Knights are full of great guys and team players,” says Battaglia. “As clients of Gaetano, they are able to express their individualism through our designs. Many of the players are foreign-born so they have high expectations for fashion and suit design, and we are happy to meet that challenge.”

Classifying the Collections – The Gaetano brand features four distinct collections:

Wall Street Collection

Free from the classic pinstripe look, the Wall Street Collection is for the young professional who wants to look their best. The Wall Street Collection blurs the lines between work and play so that the suit gets the attention it deserves in both business and social settings.

Available Fabrics: 100% wool blend; wool blend/cotton; wool blend/cashmere; linen.

Comes with complimentary alteration for two years.

Bachelor Collection

The Bachelor Collection allows for an impressive ‘first’ impression and at a variety and luxury price point to wear a new suit for every night on the town. Designed for the gentleman that needs an everyday suit and still wants to remain unique and distinguished.

Available Fabrics: 100% wool blend; wool blend/cotton; wool blend/cashmere.

Comes with complimentary alteration for one year.

Oxford Collection

The Oxford Collection is for the established gentleman who has special occasions that may range from the courtroom, the boardroom and anywhere in between. Full of beautiful threads and elegant patterns, this collection makes an exquisite addition to a wardrobe.

Available Fabrics: 100% wool blend; wool blend/cotton; wool blend/cashmere; linen.

Comes with complimentary alteration for three years.

Battaglia Collection

The Battaglia Collection is a lifestyle, not just a set of fabrics. The Battaglia Collection provides designs that will stand out in a crowd and features the Gaetano brand’s most premium line of fabrics.

Available Fabrics: 100% wool blend; wool blend/cotton; wool blend/cashmere; linen.

Comes with complimentary LIFETIME alterations.

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