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June 8, 2020

Giesswein- combining knowledge of wool craftsmanship with modern, green thinking

Throughout the three generations of this company’s family-owned and operated business, they have learned to combine their knowledge of wool craftsmanship with modern, green thinking about the environment and animal protection. Choosing to use sustainable resources is not even a question: it’s the only way they do things. The company’s roots are in Tyrol, Austria; it’s a true, natural paradise, and it’s from here that they locally produce all GIESSWEIN wool products. It’s because of this proximity to nature and care for the products that they’ve committed to thinking sustainably in both the production processes and material sourcing.

Founded as a family business and run by the third generation, Giesswein has made wool a family legacy. Their mission is to reinvent the positive attributes of wool to create unique products that can be optimally utilised. From its use of top quality merino wool to their ethos and ethics on sustainability, eco-friendly products and animal welfare – Giesswein is a luxury brand to keep on your radar.

Giesswein has a wide variety of products: Merino wool trainers, Jackets and interiors as well as jackets and flats made from recycled PET ocean plastic. When it comes to luxury, merino wool is the best in the business, known as the luxury fibre providing benefits such as lightweight feel, antibacterial and odour eliminating properties, water-resistant, self-temperature regulating and for shoes, the ability to be worn without socks.

As the brand is built around quality and sustainability their main goal is to use and reuse resources thoughtfully before, during and after the production process. From recycling scrap material with a 0% wasted material policy, local production, 0% oil use, 100% use of renewable resources and 90% recycled water in the production process. They also 100% support a no mulesing process and animal ethnicity standard – meaning happy and safe sheep!

This starts with a commitment to using exclusively organic, natural materials; this is what is used to produce the products. From the operation of the machines to the recycling of scrap material, this dedication can also be seen throughout the entire production process in the manufacturing base in Tyrol, Austria.

Merino wool beanie £22-27,

Stay warm this winter with this monochromatic, slouchy beanie. This modern cap comes in a timeless, interwoven pattern. The beanie’s band is ribbed. Made of 50% soft, Merino wool and 50% polycarbonate.

Wool Blanket, £135

A timeless classic with an elegant design – the soft blanket, Marie, is impressive in its simplicity. 100% lambswool, perfect quality – everything that you would expect from Giesswein also applies to this model. Available in many colours and therefore perfect for lovers of chic design.

Merino Wool Samuel Pullover, £179

This first-class, wool pullover from Giesswein’s sustainable production is simply the perfect companion for any occasion. Through its temperature-regulating properties, the Samuels’ composition of exclusive Merino wool ensures that you’ll experience a maximum level of comfort. The pullover’s elastic band is outfitted with a practical rubber cord and cord locks. It’s hood and zipper pockets—which are bordered with decorative stitching—are sure to give you an absolutely stylish look.

Merino Wool Knit trainer, £129

Natural Merino wool wrapped in a linen stitch gives our MERINO WOOL KNIT its unique look. The Merino Wool Knit from GIESSWEIN regulates the temperature inside the shoe and quickly wicks moisture away from the foot. This technology gives you a comfortable, moisture-free feeling—even when you’re wearing the shoes without socks. The interchangeable Comfort Foot Bed and ultra-light sole made of EVA guarantee maximum comfort. The Perfect Fit System from Giesswein makes sure that your shoe will have—you guessed it!—the perfect fit.

About our EVA sole:

An EVA sole is a plastic sole that can be lighter and more flexible than rubber. EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. That is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. It is a plastic made by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate to create rubber-like properties which can be used for shoe soles.

How are Eva soles made??

The soles are essentially EVA moulded to fit the required design then attached to the shoe or boot by the expert team.

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