Getting Your Little One To Sleep The Luxuria Way…

June 24, 2016

Any parent will know that the key to a good nights sleep is truly priceless.  From cosy night lights to cuddly sheep, Luxuria Lifestyle have the latest gadgets to get your little ones to sleep through the night.

Aloka Night Lights

The light itself looks wonderfully grown up and technical and with so many designs it’s hard to pick which one to go for.  From mermaids and unicorns to rockets and racing cars, there is something for everyone.  I decided on the robot for my little boy and the first thing I noticed about this gorgeous multi-coloured LED night light was the remote control.  No matter how many toys my little one has, he would rather play with the TV remote, so when I saw that he would have one for himself I was delighted.  He absolutely loves using it to choose the different colours and it’s a really great learning tool.

The lights were designed by a parent to ensure the whole family gets the sleep they need and gently lights up a room to offer comfort to little ones in an instant.  These enchanting night lights cycle through 12 soft glowing colours and have multiple functions, all of which will provide a calming environment to lull babies and children into a peaceful sleep.

Snoozeshade for Travel Cots

The Snoozeshade for the pushchair was a lifesaver on our family holiday at the beginning of the year; I just wish I’d known about the Snoozeshade for travel cots!  It was a nightmare coming back to our room, transferring our little boy to the cot and then trying to do everything in the dark.  The SnoozeShade for travel cots is a simple, portable sleep solution that provides a darkened, distraction-free sleep environment.  It fits perfectly over the cot and features side panels that can be raised or lowered to adjust darkness levels, a covered top area which means the top can be open whilst giving a shaded area for baby to sleep.  Also featured is a side pocket for storing the top panel.

The SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is a must-have in my opinion for anyone travelling with a little one.  It is small and compact and fits easily into your luggage without taking up too much space.  It is endorsed by international baby sleep experts and is proven to help babies sleep by blocking up to 94% of light and visual distractions that keep babies awake.  Made from soft stretchy breathable fabric, it protects baby from daylight, insects, and draughts.  The universal design fits all standard rectangular travel cots sized up to 105cm long and 80cm wide

Gro Anywhere Blind

Finally at the age of 14 months my little boy has started sleeping through the night, however with the full nights sleep has come early morning wake-up calls.  At first I was happy to accept that he was just an early riser; however that was until a friend suggested trying a black out blind.

I decided to try the portable Gro Anywhere Blind, which is designed to go anywhere and can be put up in minutes.  It attaches directly to the glass using suction pads and has velcro fastenings which mean it can be adjusted to fit the window correctly.  I was surprised once I put it up just how much darker the room was with out any natural light seeping through the curtains.  It also has a stars and moon fabric design which is really cute.

The next morning rather than waking at 5.30, my little boy slept until 7 which for me is a much more reasonable time to start the day.  This blind is also brilliant if you are travelling away from home and need to block light from a hotel window.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep is a soft cuddly toy with light and sound features, including actual womb and heartbeat recordings.  This calms babies and toddlers, helping to lull them into a peaceful slumber.

I was brought one of the original Ewan’s for my little boy before he was born and it was always kept in his Moses basket.  The idea is that it helps restless babies with womb, rain, vacuum, harp and heartbeat sounds.  The heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings, not computer generated and these have been proven to have a calming effect with even the most unsettled baby.

The sounds, which play for 20 minutes, are all recorded at the low base frequency the baby can predominantly hear when in the womb, known as the 125Hz ‘pink noise’ range.  This is why they work so well at settling little ones off to sleep.  Better still, all the sounds were trialed on babies and toddlers to find the most effective ones and only then were they included in the final Ewan the Dream Sheep.  The final ingredient to the mix is the soothing pink glow that is emitted from Ewan.

Research has shown that babies are comforted by certain aspects of the womb, so a pink ambient glow was the natural choice for the dream sheep’s tummy.

Ewan can be used at home, in the cot or moses basket as well as when out and about too, as he can be secured to the pushchair or car seat by his Velcro tail.  Ewan’s tail is also great for securing a dummy or teething ring to, so there’s no worry about it getting lost or falling out of the cot or buggy.

The Gro-Clock

The Gro clock has a happy looking sunshine on it that tells your child when they can get up.  At night, the clock face glows blue and has a big star in the middle and lots of little stars around the outside.  The smaller stars disappear throughout the night and act as a sort of count down.  Once all of the stars have gone, the big star goes off to bed and the sun returns, indicating that your child is now allowed to get out of bed.  If they are to wake up and see that the clock is still showing stars, they have to stay in bed (or can get up but play in their room quietly.)

One of the tips for using the clock is to start off by setting the time for when your child usually wakes and then progressively change the time setting to get closer to the time you always want it set to.  This way it is more likely to work as you aren’t expecting your child to take big leaps in one go.  Also, by setting it to the earlier time at the start, you are setting your child up for an early success.  They wake up and see the sun and automatically think they’ve done well – especially if you make a big fuss of it!

The new version of the clock also has a new feature allowing parents to choose whether or not to display the digital clock during the usual ‘stars to sun’ countdown, meaning that older children can start to learn the digital time as well as looking out for the sun.

The Gro-Clock also comes with a beautifully illustrated book which encourages children to stay in bed longer.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Kerene Barefield

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