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October 28, 2019

Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

When you reach an age where you find more joy in giving gifts rather than receiving them, you will want to get it right each time. But, gift-giving can prove tricky, no matter who the person you’re buying for maybe. That being said, selecting a gift becomes a lot easier when your loved one has a particular interest, such as wine, as it helps to greatly narrow down your search.

Continue reading as we outline some of the best gift ideas for wine lovers.

Wine racks

If your friend or a family member has an ever-growing wine collection, it might be beneficial to think about storage options. Rather than stacking bottles on the kitchen counter, causing the home to look cluttered and untidy, storage solutions are a great alternative.

Wine racks are available in a variety of sizes, materials and styles, matching almost any interior. Wooden wine racks, for instance, look great in rustic, traditional homes, whereas metal racks tend to blend well with modern interiors. Many manufacturers can even create bespoke racks to suit particular dimensions and bottle sizes, making for a truly personalised gift.

Not only do they look stylish and help people better organise their wine collection, but they also free-up space, which is particularly valuable in smaller homes.

Electric corkscrew

Gone are the days where we’d have to struggle for several minutes, trying to pull the cork from our wine bottles. Now, wine can be opened with ease, thanks to the invention of the electric corkscrew. Gadget lovers will enjoy having this nifty modern accessory, which allows them to effortlessly open a bottle in a few seconds, with just the push of a button.

The majority of these devices are battery-operated or rechargeable and can open between 30-80 bottles per charge, depending on the make and model.

Wine glasses

If, like many of us, your loved one is short on glassware, then investing in a set of high-quality wine glasses might be the perfect gift for them.

Nothing seems to irk a wine connoisseur more than drinking their favourite beverage from the wrong type of glass, but luckily, there are many different options to choose from, including wine glasses specifically made for particular grape varieties. This means you’ll be able to find the ideal set to match your loved one’s tipple of choice.

Wine tasting experience

If your special someone prefers hands-on experiences rather than material things, then a wine tasting voucher may be the ideal gift for them. There are a significant number of UK restaurants, bars and wineries which offer tasting sessions, giving your friend or family member an opportunity to try some new wines and spend some quality time with you.

Alternatively, venture out into the countryside together and embark on a vineyard tour, learning about the art of wine-making, whilst sampling some of the goods.

Subscription box

For a truly unique, personalised gift, consider giving your loved one a  subscription box, which will be delivered to their doorstep each month or quarter.

Perhaps your friend loves matching wine with cheese? In which case, try an artisanal, hand-selected pairing box. Or maybe they thoroughly enjoy drinking red wine? Then a red-specific subscription box would be best suited.

Whatever their preference may be, the good thing is that there are plenty of options available to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.

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