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February 5, 2019

Hakan Kose – an expert hairstylist in the heart of Chelsea

New hairdressers terrify me as much as planes terrify the flying-phobics.

As a woman, you get to understand what physical attributes are seen to be most attractive. For me, it’s my hair, my booty and my athletic body. For some, it may be their eyes, their hands, their breasts, their perfectly photogenic faces. For me, hair is one of my personal aesthetic strengths. I was even voted as having “best hair” during a maternity cover job I took when I worked in magazines – voted in by a big female team. Now that’s validation.

My hair is tricky, though and it always has been. It’s naturally curly and thick. I don’t really know how to handle it or look after it. I blow dry it and straighten it as it seems to look sleekest that way, in my mind. Otherwise, it’s a big curly/wavy mess but I love it.

From my childhood days, my mom would get me haircuts and, boy, there were some gruesome ones. In America, we call a “fringe” – “bangs” and, because my hair is so thick, my terribly snipped bangs looked atrocious. I basically looked like an 80’s mistake with my gap-tooth grin, floral neck-high Amish-style dress and thick bangs sticked up towards the camera during my school photo. She had one hairdresser try to style my hair naturally and that was an Oshkosh doll disaster with my hair over-curled so that I looked like a bag of bright yellow macaroni was stuck onto my scalp.

Now, as an adult, I have a bit of a better grip on my hair and what to do to it to make it look best. Soft warm honey highlights make my pale yellowish-olive skin look healthier and tanner even though I’m not. The long length makes me look prettier as my head and facial dimensions are not quite the beautiful perfection which makes someone like Natalie Portman look like a God-chosen angel when her hair was shaved. I’m pretty much the same height as her (and partially Israeli) but my angular facial features, hard jaw line, tiny torso, long legs and protruding ass are not quite the same as hers in any way.

When I arrived in London after university about 16 years ago, I discovered my first hair stylists in London. After years of them coming to my flat on Old Church Street then me going to their salon they set up on the Kings Road, my work in publishing and their prices didn’t help me in my financial pursuit to keep up my golden locks.

I ended up living with the art director of promotions of Vogue in Notting Hill and was introduced to her stylist. I started venturing to his house or vice versa to get my highlights done.

By the time I started my lifestyle PR agency my office was almost across the street to my old stylist again so I ventured back due to time constraints.

When I was approached with the proposition of going to someone new and literally across the street on the Kings Road called Hakan Kose, I decided to hold my breath and try a change. After 16 years of going to two stylists, I was deciding to venture out.

My half day spent at Hakan Kose (as my hair takes 4 hours!), was a mix of trepidation, trust and happy relief. Hakan Kose is head of the artistic hair association of Turkey and only opened his London outpost one and a half years ago. With his partner, Mehmet, who knows the London market where he worked at Hari’s Chelsea with James Blunt and Eva Herzigova as clients, Hakan Kose has transported his Turkish hospitality to this new London location.

My fear of having my hair ruined through any type of mishandling was washed away. I showed Hakan pictures of the “honey blonde” models’ hair I wished to emulate. I told him not to bleach it but not to keep the dark roots of my natural mousy brown. He put me in my place and told me, quite rightly, that he knew what he was doing and that he would attempt to reach that honey-hue perfection I longed for. And he did just that. With coaxing, time, patience, the offerings of bitter Turkish tea and fresh chicken with salad, I waited nervously whilst the colours set in before my wash. In the end, I was thrilled!

The colour turned out heavenly and the staff had the patience and hospitality of a private hospital’s nurse. I loved it and I have total trust now in Hakan Kose’s expertise.

I will definitely be going back.

W: HK London
A: 311 Kings Road
Opening Hours – Monday – Saturday: 9:30am

Written by Jessica Patterson for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife