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October 30, 2020

Halloween at Harvey Nichols – No tricks, purely treats!

Mythical Tears Spirits Dragon Tears Cinnamon Whisky Spirit £34

Presumably harvested by Daenerys Targaryen – as the only person who could get close enough to a dragon in a foul mood without being vapourised – these otherworldly waterworks are bottled as Dragon Tears. Smoky blended Scotch whisky, warming cinnamon and a gold shimmer; this brand new beverage ignites any cocktail with a swirling flame and fiery flavour. Mix with cola or cranberry juice, add a festive twist to a Whisky Mac, mix into a magical Manhattan, or maybe swap it for the Kummel in a Green Dragon from Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book.

Bloodshot Spiced Vodka £29

Bloodshot is a British invention; the creation of 34-year-old Londoner, Mark Douglas Hill. Hill is a Bloody Mary obsessive who set to create the perfect spirit for this iconic cocktail. An English wheat vodka is macerated with a blend of spices, aromatics and botanicals, including smoky chipotle chillies, cracked black pepper, Spanish lemon peel, German horseradish root and hot cayenne pepper. The infused spirit is then blended with lemon and lime and left to mature for three weeks. The resulting spirit is a complex and fiery vodka that manages to marry intense savoury notes with delicate complexity.

Tenuta di Tavignano Il Pestifero Organic Pét-Nat 2018 £20

With its pumpkin-faced label, this cheeky little number is part of Tenuta di Tavignano’s fantastic ‘I Love Monsters’ range – a series of wines rediscovering traditional winemaking techniques. Crisp and dry with a gentle fizz, it tastes like pear sorbet, crunchy green apples, lemon sherbet, wildflowers, the herb patch on a frosty morning, and an ever-so-gentle waft of fine cider.

Black Tears Cuban Spiced Rum £41

Black Tears was inspired by the Cuban song ‘Lagrimas Negras’, which tells the story of a young lady who sobbed into a vat of rum, filling it with her liquid sorrow. So, as you can imagine, it’s some emotionally charged stuff. Black Tears is made by The Island Rum Company, who went into partnership with the Cuban government, allowing them access to the legendary rum brand Vigia. The base is a silver dry rum, which is infused with mysterious spices, coffee, cacao and ají dulce. The latter is a chilli much-loved in Cuban cuisine. Related to the habanero, but with a much milder and smokier flavour, it adds a little peppery spice and fire to the blend.

Mozart Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Cream Liqueur £17.50

Mozart Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Cream Liqueur has already proven a huge success in the USA and now it has crossed the pond.

As the weather cools off and vibes become more autumnal and eventually wintry, we all start to look forward to pumpkin spiced latte reappearing on the menu at our local coffee shop. This luxurious limited edition from Mozart means you can add that joyful flavour to all manner of things.

Harvey Nichols Ginger Spice Biscuits Copper Tin £8.95

Ginger Spice dipped in chocolate for extra punch. Don’t worry, no nineties pop icons have been harmed in the making of these biscuits. A chocolate-bottomed cocktail of stem ginger, ground ginger, cinnamon and cloves, these spicy half-dipped biscuits are a great winter warmer with a steaming hot brew or mulled wine. Open our elegant coppery rose gold-coloured tin and you’ll be met with Christmassy lebkuchen flavours, but more crunch and the decadence of dark chocolate.

Sweets In The City Fizzy Heaven Sweets Jar of Joy £12.95

This yummy selection of mixed sweets is bubbling over with everything from fizzy peaches to flying saucers and juicy watermelons. Certain to delight sweet-toothed fizz lovers of all ages. If you’ll excuse the double pun, when it comes to Sweets In The City it’s hard not to get carried away big time. This is a company obsessed with confectionary in all its formats; be it boiled, chewy, fizzy or fluffy. Their playful products instantly teleport you back in time, evoking the excitement you felt gripping that paper bag of penny sweets in your childhood.

Harvey Nichols Raspberry Ripple Sweeties Jar £24.95

Made with fresh cream for a trip down memory lane. And now available in a great big jar, so everyone can feel like a kid in sweet shop and you’ll never run out again. Where will the combo of raspberry and vanilla in this retro classic transport you? Childhood Arctic Roll? Scones in a cream tea? Your mum’s Pavlova? Fruit corner yoghurts? Queuing for the ice cream van? Let our creamy Raspberry Ripple Sweeties take your mind for a wonderful wander.

Joe & Seph’s Cinnamon Roll Popcorn £3.95

What’s popping? A whole new range of festive flavours from Joe & Seph’s, that’s what…The popcorn maestros have outdone themselves with Cinnamon Roll. Exquisite air-popped corn receives a creamy custard makeover and Christmassy spices. Great with coffee. Is it wrong to eat popcorn for breakfast?

Harvey Nichols Glow Worms Jelly Box £3.95

Entomophagy has long been touted as the next superfood craze. But it hasn’t quite happened. Even The New York Times asked: “Why aren’t we eating more insects?” But the answer is simple: it’s just a bit gross. But opinions on eating creepy-crawlies could all be about to change. Introducing Harvey Nichols Glow Worms. Tangy, chewy, fruity and completely bug-free, these jellies are about to light up your world.

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