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December 5, 2018

Hankies Marble Arch Authentic Indian Street Food delicious, affordable with a modern twist

History of Hankies

Inspired by the classic hand spun Roti, Hankies was born, the second site for this exciting brand is located in the stylish post code of Marble Arch. Chef and founder Anirudh Arora is a former protege of renowned Benares. Arora is no stranger to the world of Indian food, Nirvana Kitchen in Marylebone, so Hankie is another of his ground-breaking new concepts.

Delicious street food, luxury at a very affordable price is definitely their major selling point, you feel like you are experiencing a wonderful fusion of modern and authentic Indian food. The luxurious surroundings of Marble Arch is the home to Hankies, it’s a relaxing yet vibrant space. Rusty orange intimate lights,  creating a soft and cozy glow, a combination of comfy and booth seats in soft sumptuous leather, with features of brushed brass and accents of Art Deco.

The concept behind Indian Street food is that it’s readily available with no fuss, tasty, inexpensive and small plates. The Hankies experience is very fitting to the Indian street culture with a twist- Hankies fulfils this concept perfectly.

Welcome to Hankies

London is indeed the place to experience a vast variety of Indian restaurants. Hankies has managed to perfectly balance luxury with authenticity. Authentic Indian food in small plates bursting with flavour and with the most beautiful presentation. The food at Hankies is inspired by the chef’s personal journey as a renowned chef with an Indian background. The glassware and china, travelled far from Indian markets and antique stores personally sourced by Chef and Hankies founder Anirudh Arora. Chef Anirudh brought the taste of India Delhi street food into the world of high end fine dining and executed it marvellously. The fusion of flavours excite your tastebuds and the beauty is in the presentation of the dishes they are truly a visual delight. The Hankies menu is inspired by the flavours of Dehli it’s a Indian treasure with dishes full of flavour.

Hot picks from the Hankies Menu

A classic Indian Roti. Roomali Roti Aka Hankies hand spun till it’s thin enough to read through, cooked on a burning hot roomali tawa and folded into ‘hankies’ the signature bite, Truffle Naan, Vintage cheddar and cumin, shaved truffle pure luxury. Keema Naan, Mint and chili marinated guinea fowl mince naan, maple and cumin raita, your taste buds will thank you! A selection from Hankies small bites; Bhatak KI Khurchan, Crispy duck, masala cashew nuts mint, watermelon and sweet and spicy drizzle so delicious. Dahi Bhalla, Lentil Dumplings, sweet yogurt, tamarind pomegranate and sev, you will not want it to end! Sweet Potato Bomb, sprouts, spicy chickpeas, jaggery and chilli jam your taste buds will be memorised. The grills; Lochfyne Salmon, honey, dill and black pepper, perfect fusion. ‘Gosht’ 5oz Ribeye Garlic, paprika and masala rub, hearty and infused. Chicken Tikka, street style, red chilli, mint and coriander authentic Indian grill. One from the pots and pans range they call comforting food full of nourishment; Butter Chicken, classic Delhi style, creamy tomato sauce fenugreek and garam masala heavenly. Vegetables; Hankies Dal, traditional black lentil stew. ‘Pindi’ Choley braised chickpeas, spices and mango powder tasty and authentic. This is a small sample of what’s on offer the menu is totally delicious once you taste it you won’t be able to stop!

My Hankies experience

The invitation to dine at Hankies was accepted without delay, I love Indian food and was excited to try the new concept that everyone was raving about . The fusion of flavours both authentic and unique held my taste buds captive. Set in luxurious surroundings Hankies is easy to find, just a short walk from Marble Arch. Hankies is the perfect business lunch or dinner restaurant, whether you are out with friends and family or to whisper sweet nothings on a date night- bliss.

The host recommend a wine from the list along with cocktails we chose a Blush Di Venezie rose wine soft and fruity. Elderflower spritz, elderflower, prosecco, lime juice, and mint chilled in a flute.

The host assisted me with the choices on the menu and explained them all in detail. Our choices were; Roomali Roti Aka Hankies, signature choice the inspiration for restaurant it was light and fluffy. Truffle Naan, Vintage cheddar and cumin, shaved truffle a truly luxurious experience with every bite. Crispy ‘gold’ Cod turmeric, amritsari spices, sour mango dip simply delicious. Sweet Potato Bomb sprouts, spicy chickpeas, jaggery and chilli jam the presentation was beautiful a masterpiece it tasted so good! Chilli Lamb Chop, marinated in Kashmiri chillies, paprika and mustard oil its only one chop for my meat lovers but very tasty and filling. Chicken Tikka, street style, red chilli, mint so tasty and authentic Indian at its best. Chive & Garlic Prawn, chive, garlic, shiso ‘n’ cumin salsa flavour sum ! I love chicken so chose Butter Chicken, classic Delhi style, creamy tomato sauce fenugreek and garam masala. It melted in my mouth! Pulao, braised basmati rice and saffron in chicken and prawn, a beautiful aroma and taste. Hankies Salad was the perfect side to accompany all the dishes chosen; tomatoes, ginger, coriander and red onions, chilli and mint pesto. Our taste buds was taken on a journey to food heaven.

You would think after such a hearty meal there would be no space for dessert! You were wrong…who could resist Gulukhand Kheer, caramelised mango ginger honeycomb, homemade ‘ Chuski ‘ sorbet scoopes in Passion fruit they were so good!


Hankies is definitely on the list of Indian street delights. The menu is full of flavour and texture that will simply send your taste buds yearning for more! The small plates although small are very hearty, so a little goes a long way. Dishes to suit vegetarians, meat and fish lovers. I can honestly say every dish I sampled was delicious! I am extremely impressed by the price point and especially given the prime central London location. Hankies is a gem waiting to be discovered, a truly amazing street food experience  – I will be back for more.

W: Hankies Restaurant
A: 61 Upper Berkeley Street, W1H 7PP, London, United Kingdom
T: +44 20 7958 3222

Written by Rene Byrd for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife