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November 23, 2018

Whether you’ve been jet-setting across different timelines, overdoing it on the party circuit, have a hectic work schedule to balance or simply need to give your immune system a little pick-me-up to safeguard against sickness, a bespoke, vitamin-infused medical treatment from The IV Doc ™ will give you the boost you need.
The IV Doc™ provides in-home IV therapy fluids and vitamin infusions, designed to work fast to banish fatigue, hangover, flu, sickness, migraine and food poisoning. They also brighten sallow skin, tired eyes and lacklustre hair and reveal a bright, radiant complexion, making it the ultimate festive tonic.

A team of medical practitioners oversee expert nurses who deliver the tailormade treatments intravenously to ensure complete and rapid uptake with fast, effective results. The IV Doc service is delivered directly and discreetly to homes, hotels or offices. Already a huge success in the US, the IV Doc™ is now available to people living, visiting or working in Central and Greater London.

What’s in it?

The IV Doc therapy delivers a combination of electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals directly to your cells which are absorbed by the body much faster and more efficiently than drinking water: one litre of vitamin therapy is equivalent to drinking approximately 3.8 litres of water. As the vitamins bypass the intestine, people can be provided with high dose supplementation.

Oral intake of fluids and vitamins have an absorption rate of at best 50%-60%, whereas I.V. hydration is 100% absorbed, making it the fastest way to replenish needed fluids and electrolytes.

Patients can also add additional vitamins to these drips including B Complex, B12, multi vitamins, vitamin C, glutathione to truly benefit from their vitamin cocktail (to counteract the Christmas cocktails from the night before!). The IV Doc ™ can also provide medication in the IV drip if required.

How quickly does it take effect?

Most people feel the hydrating effects of the drip immediately as the IV delivery rehydrates on a level way beyond desperately downing a glass of water.

Anyone famous use it?

The IV Doc’s bespoke formulations are used the world over by celebrities, actors and models who seek the finest restorative treatments to enhance their health and beauty. Celebrity and client confidentiality is a part of the service, but occasionally high-profile people will share their experience on social media with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian among those happy to share the secret behind their glow.

There is a full menu of IV Doc treatments to choose from and a medical practitioner will always consult with you prior to your drip being prepared to ensure you have the right treatment to optimise your health and performance.

The IV Doc In-Home Treatments – No time wasted

Being treated in the comfort and convenience of your home, hotel or office guarantees a discreet and private service: no-one needs to know if you’re feeling unwell or the secret behind your rapid recovery and healthy glow… By booking an appointment to suit your schedule, no time is wasted travelling to appointments or waiting at a clinic. The fully supervised treatments last between 45 – 60 minutes during which time you can eat, read a book or a magazine, watch TV, make and take calls or simply close your eyes and relax while the IV treatment takes effect.

How it works

Select your location, preferred treatment and supplements
Choose your appointment location
Consult with The IV Doc™ medical practitioner by phone
Await the arrival of The IV Doc™ nurse
Enjoy your IV Doc™ treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home, hotel or workplace
Consult with the doctor over the phone post treatment, if required

IV Doc Treatments

A diverse range of hydration treatments is available and each of these can be further boosted with a selection of supplement vitamins and antioxidants including Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex or a Multivitamin Cocktail.

Cleanse IV Hydration Therapy £269

This quickly rehydrates your body on a cellular level and replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes using a balanced salt solution. Improves blood supply to vital organs while purifying your body from daily chemicals you are exposed to leaving you feeling rejuvenated with a healthy glow.

Food Poisoning Relief IV Hydration Therapy £349

Recover rapidly from food poisoning – stops nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever, helping you to recuperate quickly.

Migraine Relief IV Hydration Therapy £419

Gain relief from a migraine attack, relieve and stop symptoms through this custom infusion of IV fluids, electrolytes and medication.

Flu Relief IV Hydration Therapy £449

Recover from the flu now! A tailored IV fluid treatment with medications and vitamins to get you on the mend and bouncing back quickly.

Jet Lag Relief IV Hydration Therapy £449

Jet leg is a sleep disorder called desynchronosis: this blend will rehydrate and re-energise you.

Beautify IV Hydration Therapy £449

Getting ready for a special night out or a red-carpet event? This A-list celebrity treatment includes Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, a multi-vitamin cocktail and electrolytes to give you a healthy, radiant look.

Antioxidant IV Hydration Therapy £449

The most powerful combination when nothing else will do – a mega dose of Vitamin C, Glutathione (to neutralise free radicals) and The IV Doc™ Multi-Vitamin Cocktail to have you feeling fine in no time.

Detox IV Hydration Therapy £289

Comprises 1 litre of fluid plus one medication – either anti-nausea, anti-heartburn or anti-inflammatory/painkiller – that the GP will choose during your consultation.

Refresh IV Hydration Therapy £309

The next step up from the Detox IV Hydration, this offers 1 litre of fluid and s two additional medications to quickly rid you of nausea, upset stomach or aches/pains.

Revive IV Hydration Therapy £339

The ultimate hangover cure – also known as the ‘Deathbed Relief’ –includes 1 litre of fluid and three IV medications to tackle nausea, heartburn, aches and pains.

Super Vitamin B12 (IM Injection) £150

A quick energising boost that gives Super Vitamin B 12 intramuscularly to boost cell growth and development, promote good red blood cell function and help reverse fatigue.

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