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December 2, 2019

Home Design Details That Add a Touch of Luxury

Designing a luxurious home can be both an exciting and overwhelming endeavour. Adding a touch of luxury to the interior design of your space will help create a stunning atmosphere that will fill your home with elegance and opulence.

With the help of interior or architectural designers, you are guaranteed to achieve this result by investing in major structural or significant interior changes. But with the plethora of design elements to utilise, initial small changes and additions can add a touch of luxury and give your home a subtle or a more out-there luxurious feel.

Read on as we discuss design details that you can implement for the different rooms in your home.

Create focal points

When you enter a room, there is usually one point which your eye is instantly drawn to. Use this attitude to your benefit or manipulate this feature to outline specific components in your room.

For example, your hallway usually is a space that doesn’t get much attention, it is a place where people enter and their eye is immediately drawn to the doors that lead to other rooms. Hanging up an antique mirror is a good way to open up space – as it gives the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is – and also doubles as a decorative art piece. People like to look at themselves before they come in and before they leave the house, so having this functional element can make the mirror the focal point of the space.

Alternatively, if the rest of your hallway is bare then hanging up a grand chandelier is an effective way to make an impression and ensure that as soon as guests walk in, it is the first thing they focus their eyes on – instantly giving the feel of your luxury interior.

Experiment with layers and materials

What any interior designer will tell you is that layering is the way forward. Layering different materials and fabrics add personality to any room and allow you to experiment with the depth and atmosphere of the space.

Introducing different fabrics will add character to any space and helps bring warmth, a sense of authenticity, and when done right, can create a stunning effect in your home.

Architectural designers use this method by using different materials and textures on different or multiple surfaces. To replicate this technique, having different textiles on a piece of furniture, such as a sofa, can accentuate the specific piece of furniture and add a lush ambience to the room.

Having multiple throws and decorative pillows that differ in texture and design can give a room a luxurious flair. It is also an effective way to add some colour to the room if it has a muted palette. If the interior style you are going for is more traditional and decadent, investing in expensive looking materials, like velvet, silk, sheepskin and faux fur can exude a regal and elegant ambience.

Design a spa-like bathroom

Creating a spa-like ambience in your bathroom is a must in any luxury home. Not only will it increase your home value but will make a big difference in creating a sophisticated space that any family member or guest will be impressed with.

If you want to opt for a decorative touch, additions such as scented candles, fresh flowers, soft robes and towels are an effective way to make it more spa-like. However, if you want to redesign your bathroom completely to give it a more luxurious look, then an architectural designer will recommend implementing changes, such as installing storage solutions or flooring tiles, made out of natural elements like wood or natural stone.

Decorate with art

Having beautiful or interesting pieces of artwork in your space is an epitome of any luxury home. A piece of art can be an expression of the owners’ sense of style and can be the final touch that makes up a room. It can elevate the entire atmosphere and give a sophisticated vibe, no matter the price you paid for the piece of art.

Placement is an all-important factor when it comes to artwork, and many interior designers will agree that a piece of art can become the main focal point in your room should you wish – so long as it is displayed adequately. If your room is very minimalist, you can be very creative with the arrangement of paintings as they will usually bring the extra wow factor to the room.

If there is already a lot going on in a room, then opting to place a piece of artwork, such as a sculpture in a more secluded area, can accentuate it as a display piece and allows for it to be completely appreciated. Ensuring that the artwork compliments the room is the key difference between making a room look more luxurious and not cluttered.

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