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January 15, 2020

Hotel Barrière Les Neiges – A once in a lifetime Winter Wonderland Experience

As one of the global ambassadors of Luxuria Lifestyle International, I felt so honoured to be approached by Barrière group and to receive an invitation to stay in the luxurious resort Hotel Barrière Les Neiges which is located in heart of Courchevel. Courchevel known as having the largest concentration of luxury hotels, I have to say, I was quite impressed when I heard that even though there are four other hotels that could be classified under the ‘palace criteria’, Hotel Barrière Les Neiges is the only hotel that is owned by a family company. That is one of the many reasons everything is designed under the family concept, luxurious and unique but still has that home-from-home feel. Pale wood, white marble, silky fabrics and an open fire all add up to a truly chic and elegant hotel.

My Suite

First, let me describe my suite. One of the main features was a huge corner sofa and a big chunky wooden coffee table, on which was a welcome pack of delicious treats of cookies and fruit tarts. The living room also had a small office area with a desk and leather chair for people who feel the need to work. The whole vibe felt so warm and was well designed yet luxurious. The walls were decorated with unique paintings and prints and the lounge area provided a wonderful space in which to chill out in the sumptuous and stylish sofas while taking in the stunning view of Alps from the huge balcony. The dressing area was most welcome as I don’t travel light and needed plenty of hangers for all of my clothes and ski gear.

The toilet was separate to the main bathroom and cleaned itself automatically and I didn’t have to even press one button. Does it get better than that?! Yes, it actually does. The bedroom was equally as comfortable with a super king-size bed with LED spotlights around it, very glam! The bedding provided a whole new experience for me as it came with a pillow menu enabling me to personalise my sleep to my own specific requirements, adding to my bespoke sleep experience was a sleep mist which arrived at my room every evening prior to bedtime, such a lovely detail.

The main bathroom was one of a kind, it had a huge bathtub with a TV, lots of the usual smellies and of course fluffy robes and towels. Also, I had the chance to enjoy the shower which also could be used as a steam and sauna room.  This exclusive suite also offered many luxurious services from the minibar with a wide variety alcoholic drinks, another fridge full of soft drinks and last but not least a Nespresso coffee machine which I took full advantage of every morning before breakfast while enjoying the stunning view from my big balcony.

The heating and lighting system was controlled by two iPads,  perfect for me as I could open and close the curtains by using the iPad from the bed. The entire suite could be controlled with just one button, very hi-spec impressive stuff!

The Hotel and Spa

After our arrival to beautiful Courchevel and a short rest in our suites, our trip continued with a luxurious spa treatment that included full body massage that has been designed by professional physiotherapists specialising in sports therapy. It was an hour-long massage that took place in a room with relaxing exotic scents and calm background music. After an hour of full body massage, I felt as if I’d been woken from a 10-hour sleep, it was simply sublime and perfect following my long day of travelling.

This specialised massage created by Mr Bibard and includes protocols for many luxurious spa brands his ‘After Skiing Massage’  was designed especially for the Hotel Barrière Les Neiges family. According to Mr Bibard, this massage is relaxing and aids recovery after a long day spent on the beautiful mountains of Courchevel. Ready for the best part? This luxurious spa treatment prepares you to continue your day after skiing without affecting your normal routine. The main effect of the treatment was the day after for me, I felt so relaxed and the massage treatment gave me day-long energy that my body was seeking.

Hotel Barrière also provides a hot tub experience outside surrounded by snow. Yes, you read it right, there was a hot tub Jacuzzi located outside in the middle of the snow. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me to get into this hot tab while it was snowing. The water was so hot that I didn’t feel the cold and my whole body felt so revitalised. In addition to the hot tub Jacuzzi experience, I made full use of the sauna, Hamman and infinity pool in the spa area during my stay to further aid my muscle recovery, and it worked, no aches for me!

After a few hours of rest, we had an exclusive hotel tour to get to know the concept and idea behind this significant resort, Hotel Barrière Les Neiges Courchevel. One of the many things that I still can’t get over is the Las Suite Neiges which is identified as the most impressive and the largest suite in this hotel. The capacity was unbelievable yet the design and concept felt so cosy and warm to make you feel completely at home.

This exclusive suite has been designed by famous designer Natalie Ryan and has three rooms with a six-person capacity.  The sky is the limit for Barrière group! After this breath-taking visit, I couldn’t stop myself questioning the price of this suite. It would cost around seventeen thousand euros for the night on a half-board basis. No doubt it would be worth every penny as a once in a lifetime experience for you and your loved ones.


Hotel Barrière Les Neiges has two restaurants with different cuisines. First one is called BFIRE and it’s designed by Maura Colagreco. This Argentinian and Italian inspired restaurant serves wood-fired cuisine, I loved both restaurants they served amazingly delicious food, dining in either venue was a treat.

The second restaurant was my favourite – ‘Fonquet’s’, it is a classic French fine food restaurant and non-residents are also welcome for lunch or dinner. The atmosphere and concept of the restaurant could be described as elegant yet classic and lush. I had king crab as a starter and went for the grilled sole with white butter sauce for the main, it was served with fresh creamed spinach making the perfect harmonious match. The crab was perfectly prepared and the portion size was just right for a starter. I also had the chance to try Fonquet’s signature cocktail ‘Signature Linegeje’ which made me enjoy this exclusive dining experience even more and took it into the next level!

You’re not only treated to fabulous food in stunning surroundings with an elegant atmosphere, but there is also live music two evenings a week with different artists such as Julianna M and Alex Bruno.  I also had the pleasure to experience this luxurious restaurant for lunch. Lunch at Fouquet’s was a dream, they have a special lunch menu different to dinner and I decided to try the lobster salad with marinated vegetables and fruits, absolutely divine, artistically presented with amazing flavours, fresh and crisp. Calling all lobster lovers, this salad with mouth-watering lobster harmonised with freshly picked fruits and vegetables will be your new favourite.

I had to try the steak before I left! So I went for a slowly cooked rib-eye steak with butter and garlic sauce for the main on another occasion and I still can’t get over how delicious and soft that steak was!  In conclusion; amazing taste, perfect texture with all of the right ingredients.

Hotel Facilities

Barrière group has not only designed the most luxurious and relaxing resort but also created many entertaining areas for you and the children. They even have an area for teenagers with laptop and PlayStation. Let’s dive into the details; first, let’s start with Studio by Petit VIP, an area specially designed for the children to have fun and enjoy their time at Hotel Barrière Les Neiges. Children can choose from many different activities and these activities not only help them to spend a fun time but also would help them to improve their learning skills. The idea behind these spaces for children and teenagers is to give them the personal space they need away from the adults.

Hotel Barrière Les Neiges customers are mostly family-based so they focus on making families feel at home. Both of the spaces are free to access for hotel customers.

My favourite facility for the whole hotel was the cinema room, showing films for all ages and a lovely area to spend time in and recover with a little peace and quiet.

Hotel Barrière Les Neiges has the most efficient ski room perfect to dry all of your equipment ready for the next day’s activities.

The hotel also has a beautiful boutique full of stylish designer ski wear for all the family from baby to adult, ensuring you look the part on the slopes.

In conclusion

To conclude my entire trip, it is safe to say was an absolute one-off experience. I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely staff and Barrière group for hosting me. The hotel has it all, fabulous facilities, friendly attentive staff, first-class dining, thoughtfully designed suites and to top it all off the hotel is perfectly positioned for ease of access to a huge number of runs for perfect skiing or boarding,

If you are a winter person like me, Hotel Barriere Les Neiges is the perfect resort to experience the most special ‘winter wonderland’ in the heart of beautiful Courchevel. If you are not a big fan of winter and snow, Hotel Barriere Les Neiges will break all the rules and make winter your favourite season of the year!

A: 422 Rue de Bellecôte Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, 73120 Courchevel, France
T: +33 4 57 55 22 00
W: Hotel Barrière
SM: Instagram

Written by Alp Cirakli  for Luxuria Lifestyle International and London

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