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November 20, 2018


For a bit of background, Hourglass is a group I founded in 2010 when I was busy building my communications career, and developing and growing my consulting business. Needless to say, I was round the clock busy, and found that I was meeting such amazing women in my day to day with limited time to connect and build long-lasting relationships.

Hence the first Hourglass was born (before it even had a name). To get everyone into one place, I hosted a brunch event at my home with 40+ amazing, smart, influential, business-oriented, and entrepreneurial women gathered round to meet and share in a relaxed and secure environment. I made sure to strategically introduce to assure everyone felt welcomed and made the most of their time, I also promoted and encouraged attendees to believe in themselves and chase their dreams no matter how big or small, and the conversations and popularity of the events flourished from there.

Hourglass has come a long way since, with my first ticketed event taking place officially under the name Hourglass in 2016.

“Game Changers”

The next Hourglass event will focus on life tools and techniques used when building success in business and in life aka creating the life of your dreams. I’ve named the event “Game Changers” because I felt this was getting to the core of it, asking ladies: what are you doing to make a difference and push yourself out of your normal / comfort zone to achieve your personal success. The most important part of the event will be YOU and other speakers sharing your / their stories. We aim to inspire through our sharing.

Media:Contacts & Sponsorship

Please let me know if you have any media contacts that may be interested in reporting on the event and interviewing our speakers. Additionally, I am looking for sponsorship for Hourglass, which could be just for this event, and for next years events which I am taking international. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind and we can work out a finders / introductory fee.

Event:Logistics, Filming & Photography

On the day of the event there will be a green room for privacy and media interviews, as well as a photo board with relevant branding, we will conduct interviews with our speakers talking about their business / journey, and offering top three tips for success. The event will be filmed.

We will work together on this in partnership, so please do not hesitate to share any thoughts, ideas and even concerns any time. I operate in a very transparent and collaborative manner.

Please join us on December 8th in London for the Hourglass ‘Game Changers’ Ladies Brunch. Doors open 10am to 4pm, speakers on at 11am to 3pm.
Get your tickets NOW through the following link: Eventbrite

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