How to Add Uniqueness to Any Room in Your Home

December 2, 2018

Whether you decorate your home based on a spread you saw in a magazine, or you’ve simply put together what you think works, one area in which it can feel as though it is lacking, is uniqueness. Choosing a fabulous colour palette, high-quality furniture, and luxury finishes certainly creates a beautiful result, but it doesn’t necessarily feel unique to you and your home.

Creating a sense of uniqueness in your home, no matter which room it is, often takes a lot more than just following a picture you saw in a design and décor magazine. Uniqueness is just that, it is something that makes your house stand out from the rest and makes it your special space. If you’re struggling to achieve this unique quality about your home, then these tips may be able to help you out.

Look into How Photography Can Inject Uniqueness into a Room

Most people understand how much of a difference artwork can make in a space. It can add life to a room, help to tie a colour palette together, create flow through the house, and depending on the artwork you choose, it can add uniqueness. Rather than head to a store and purchase a mass-made copy of a photo, you may want to consider using a product photographer and have them capture specific items you own that are precious to you.

Take, for example, Howlett Photography who can provide you with the services of a still life photographer. Howlett Photography’s clients tend to be businesses that sell luxury or high-end products such as jewellery, food, fashion accessories, perfume, drinks, and more. What this means is that they are an expert in capturing all the best angles and lighting so that the photograph comes out spectacular each and every time.

A photo session can provide you with a variety of pieces that can be used throughout your home, all of which tie and flow together but also add creativity and uniqueness to your space. No-one else will have that same collection.

Use Storage Pieces to Your Advantage

Storage is typically a big part of any room; let’s face it, we all need a place to put our “stuff”. With that said, storage solutions don’t have to be dull and predictable. Instead, look for ways that your storage can actually act as a unique feature in the room. Rather than a typical store-bought bookcase to store knick-knacks and other items, why not scour thrift shops and markets for something unique? It may not even be a piece that is specifically designed for storage, but it could be repurposed to do just that.

Bring Nature into the House

Bringing natural items that you would find in nature into the home is another great way to add personality and uniqueness to any room. Things such as natural flooring and counter tops, furniture made from wood, plants and greenery, and even branches that you can create interesting displays, artwork, or furniture out of are all great options.

Looking at Your Space in a Different Light

In order to create uniqueness in a room or the entire house, typically you need to look at things in a different light and look for ways you can make small tweaks and touches.

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