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July 30, 2019

How to Entertain Friends at Home with Class and Style

We’re all about going away for luxury vacations, but there’s also a need to entertain friends and other guests in style when at home too. So, we thought that we would pen this article to show how to make home entertaining simple, fun and with that touch a class, where appropriate.

So, let’s get started

Send Out Formal Invitations

In this digital age, we’re used to getting emails left and right. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd even if creating a visually delightful email for their smartphone.

Stand apart from the crowd (and other party invites) by sending an invite through the mail. Be sure to use a classy envelope with your name on it, so invitees can quickly see that the card is from you and not junk mail.

Go digital by providing details for how to RSVP through their smartphone to skip the Post Office. Track everyone who’s confirmed that they’re coming.

Bring in Some Fun Games to Help Guest Unwind and Interact More

It’s not only the sophisticated games that guests enjoy. Keeping it lighter works too. Some games may hark back to relaxed college days whereas others bring people together. Include several different games because it depends on the guests’ mood as to which ones will hold the most appeal.

A strong contender is the classic college foosball table. This entertaining game is ideal for people standing up – one of the best foosball tables on the market is the one that doubles as a coffee table so you can sit down while playing – where two or more party guests can join in. When selecting the best foosball table, even energetic play won’t cause it to rock from side to side upsetting gameplay.

Fortunately, when space is tight there are different sized tables to fit into a room. You can have a look over the different options available by reading some of the foosball table reviews on foosballtablereviews.com (where you can also find some useful buying guides). It’s clear that foosball tables are ideal for game rooms because they’re a crowd pleaser.

Offer Both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

While you may hire a mixologist to serve up intoxicating cocktails with dangerous-sounding names, some guests will be driving and won’t be able to partake.

Don’t only cater to people who are consuming alcohol. Have a range of other tasty beverages on hand. Ensure everything is chilled. Clear out items from the refrigerator to make space for cold beverages and food platters too.

Focus on the Details

With entertaining, it’s a rare case of focusing on the little details.

For the table where the food will be laid out, do use attractive linens, table placements, and the best cutlery and napkin holders. Make the effort with the presentation, so that the food looks even more appetizing.

Purchase some flowers and a vase if you don’t own one to add a fresh element to the entertaining area. Give your home a spring clean (or bring in cleaners to do so), so no details get missed.

Invite an Eclectic Selection of Guests

Don’t just invite all your friends who know each other unless it’s a simple guys or girls evening in. When going for a more upmarket, stimulating get-together, invite people with different business interests or passions that will enjoy each other’s company. Ensure that they won’t clash because of ideologic differences – opposites don’t attract in a party setting. Also, have a healthy mix of men and women to promote mingling and different types of conversations and shared viewpoints.

When you’re all setup, make sure to enjoy the party too. Don’t make it too complicated because otherwise you won’t be able to relax for a second.

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