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May 27, 2020

How to Find the Perfect Luxury Gift for That Special Someone

Whether you are a husband who’s been out of town one too many times on business, a wife whose phone hasn’t stopped ringing long enough to show him you care, or you find yourself in the first throes of a budding romance, sometimes choosing the perfect gift for that special someone can make all the difference.

So, why wait till Valentine’s Day to treat your better half to a blush-inducing gift? Here are some ideas both for him and for her, which will put you firmly in the good books for weeks or possibly even months.

For the Music Lover

If someone you love enjoys nothing more than heading to a gig or letting the music wash over them while they take in some rays, then there really is nothing quite like hiring their favourite act. Many booking agencies now offer the possibility of hiring a famous performer to have all to yourself.

Imagine Justin Timberlake swooning in your garden or Lady Gaga showing her poker face in your living room, as your gobsmacked partner watches on!

Nothing says I love you quite like an intimate private concert reserved just for you and yours.

For Avid Competitors

Everyone knows that one person who turns everything into a competition, especially if you are the sort of personality who likes to surround themselves with high value, driven individuals.

The key to getting the correct gift for someone like this is to know which game or sport makes them tick. Depending on what that is, something like a coaching lesson can be a great gift. If you can’t find quite the right thing then there are always tickets to that dream sporting event or even a 1-2-1 with your partner’s go-to sports or gaming idol.

For the Rocket Man or Woman

Imagine the look on your favourite person’s face when you tell them they are going into space. Thanks to Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic enterprise you can do just that, watching them blast off into the great unknown.

It all costs a cool six figures, but experiences such as this are worth every penny. It sure beats standing around in a planetarium all night while your partner ogles the cosmos through a giant telescope.

Is your partner ready for blast off?

For the Travel Obsessed

One surefire way to wow those close to you is to whisk them away on a dream trip. However, to really spice things up why not keep the destination a secret? Simply give them a date and an idea of what clothes to pack and away you go.

For mystery summer destinations it is hard to go wrong with Centara hotels and resorts, who have world-class properties in the likes of Thailand and the Maldives.

For those who prefer pristine powder snow to white sand beaches, there’s always the classic European resorts like Courchevel and Verbier, although you could throw in a more adventurous ski destination such as heliskiing in Alaska or visiting snow monkeys in Japan.

For the Gourmands

It is often said that the way to both a man’s and a woman’s heart is with fine food and drink. One beautifully outrageous idea for you to consider is to flit off with your foodie partner to one of the food hubs of the world, booking a date at a new and exciting establishment each and every night, until you are both set to pop.

Some destinations to consider for such a venture are Paris, London, Hoi An, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen and San Sebastián. Just remember to book a hotel with a good gym, so you can run off all those calories!

For the Culture Vultures

Sometimes buying a gift doesn’t have to be just you going out to splash the cash. Sometimes it can be an investment that will enrich a person’s life forever.

To this end, collectables are a great way to make an impression, with rare first edition novels and artwork both fitting the bill.

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