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May 16, 2019

How to Make Your Entire Luxury Trip Luxurious

Whenever you’re about to embark on your trip to luxury, one of the most dreaded elements is the ground travel. You could be in the back of a limo or first class of the newest high-speed train, but it seldom feels luxurious. If you’re en route to the land of sports cars, casinos, and the super-rich, Monaco, or just heading out for a day of luxury at a spa, there are ways to make your trip to luxury feels much more luxurious.

Whether it’s stopping one from entering into a distinctly un-luxurious state of boredom or getting a welcomed taste of luxury before your official arrival, these are the ways that you can experience luxury on the go.

A tipple and a nibble

If there is one food-and-drinks combination which makes any occasion luxurious, it’s that of champagne and caviar. Now, this is a luxurious upgrade that should be kept for occasions when you’re not driving, for obvious reasons, and are simply sitting and waiting to arrive at your luxury location.

The important thing with this combination is that you shouldn’t cheap-out when adding champagne and caviar to make trips more enjoyable as a bad batch can simply make the day far worse and a still quite expensive mistake. Instead, go all in and get yourself some of the finest bubbly and most enjoyable caviar available.

An excellent kit that’s perfectly designed to cater to luxury-seekers is the London Fine Foods champagne and caviar deluxe. The Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne is both fresh and crisp, offering satisfaction with every sip. The tin of Imperial Oscietra Caviar is among the finest of classic caviars and happens to pair perfectly with the champagne. To top off the kit, Mother of Pearl spoons and a caviar key are provided.

A stack and a spin

Playing the likes of roulette, blackjack, and even slot machines at a casino are synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle. Dressing up in your finest attire to defy the odds and increase your stack of chips is certainly a beloved way of enjoying a luxurious evening.

Many assume that the thrill of the games and the first-class treatment can only be attained in the finest brick-and-mortar casino halls, but they’d be wrong. Through the use of your mobile phone, you can access the Redbet online casino which boasts a wide selection of games as well as the specialised live casino games. The live casino games give you a livestreamed connection to a professional and smartly clad dealer going through the motions of the game, ready to commend you on all of your wins.

If roulette, blackjack, or casino poker aren’t your cup of tea, there is a huge range of slot games in different themes, with the likes of Eastern Emeralds, Turn Your Fortune, and The Great Pigsby naturally being the most appealing to those wanting to sink into the finer things in life.

Even when you have to tolerate the less luxurious parts of luxury trips or luxury days out, you can still submerge yourself in luxury by playing at the casino while indulging in a tipple of champagne and a nibble of caviar.

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