How to Prevent Hair Loss for Men

October 9, 2018

Hair loss is something which is feared by millions of men worldwide, especially when you consider the fact that male pattern baldness is a very real problem for them. Virtually all men will experience some form of hair loss during the course of their lives, with some people beginning to suffer from it as young as 14 or 15. It’s all down to genetics and how much DHT – a hormone which shrinks the hair follicles in men – is present in the body.

Although it’s bound to happen at some point, and there are plenty of treatments available, the onset of hair loss can be slowed down if you look after your hair, and it can be completely prevented in some men by taking certain medications.

Keep an Eye on Your Diet

We’re not saying that eating better can stop hair loss – it can’t – but following a proper diet can lead to thicker growth of your hair whilst you still have it. The lean proteins found in meats, such as chicken, and fish, such as salmon, help to support hair growth.

Nuts and seeds also help to support growth and are packed full of healthy fats and vitamins which provide your hair with all the oils it needs to be soft, healthy, and look fuller.

Take Hair Loss Medication

There are a lot of hair loss solutions available on the market, and some of these come in the form of medications and topical solutions. One of the most widely used and successful hair loss medications is known as Finasteride.

Taking Finasteride at the same time each day reaps maximum benefits, but it will take at least three months before you start seeing results. It works by stopping the production of an enzyme which converts testosterone into DHT, the chemical which inhibits hair growth.

Finasteride doesn’t work for everyone, though, and if it doesn’t, then your only solution may be a hair transplant.

Get an Expert Opinion

Visit a specialist to get a second opinion on your hair loss and the best next steps. Because of the fear men have of male pattern baldness, lots of people can think they are going bald when, in actual fact, they’re not. There are a lot of factors which can alter the look of hair, such as being fair haired, your hairline maturing and bright light.

By visiting a professional, you will be able to find out if in fact you are going bald. Then you can take on an appropriate plan of action to prevent further loss and encourage regrowth. You will be advised on the likelihood of the success of possible treatments and whether undergoing a hair transplant or taking supplements might be a viable solution. One of the most reputable hair clinics in the UK is the Harley Street Hair Clinic who are known for treating Wayne Rooney. They are also the only clinic in the UK to specialise in follicular transfer hair transplant technology which you may want to look into.

Male pattern baldness is an inevitability for many men, but you don’t have to embrace it and go bald. There are many things you can do to slow it down, and lots of treatments available for when it happens.


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