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September 25, 2020

How to Replace a Garage Door

When the need to replace your garage door arises certain criteria are helpful to ensure satisfactory work as well as not affecting your garage outlook in any way. Garage door repair BC are professionals in this and can offer emergency help any time. You can also talk to Guru Restoration for professional garage door replacements. Follow the following steps:

Taking the measurements for your door- Ensure you first take the dimensions of your garage door accurately.

Lowering the door- Every garage door is unique hence when taking them out; others take the up position while others when in the down position. If yours has tension springs take it down when in the up position. When no tension is there in the spring then it is safe to release it.

If you can’t get help during this process as the garage doors are heavy a clamp can help by placing it at the end of the door. Remove the tension spring cables and put the door down carefully.

Door panels removal- Remove the pin and nuts from the top centre brace and the bolts on top panel respectively. Do this until all panels are removed.

Disassemble the operator- Remove the old door tracks. The brackets holding the track should be removed as well as the operator through unfastening the brackets holding it.

Account for all the new door hardware before installation starts- Ensure a new door for your garage conforms to the floor in terms of levelling. It should be a nice fit for the door you want. Install weather stripping using galvanized roofing nails.

Attach brackets for the corners and build hinges- Install each on the correct side the R and Hinges start at the bottom in terms of numbering.

Tracks and rollers- Once you install hinges for the bottom panel you then install rollers on the sides. Fit the rollers into the tracks then attach to the new framing.

You then mark the hinges and attach the panels use a carpenters square to mark before installing hinges. Attach the panels together like the tongue of each panel fits over the groove of the panel below it, while rollers are on panels down the track.

Fasten the tracks and install end bearing- Use screws to do this; connect the horizontal and vertical track, and ensure alignment. End bearing is what tension rod will slide through and spin. Both plates should go on the outside.
Hinges fastening and cable spring installation- Set the last panel in tacks and set your power unit on the actual frame and slide it to the end. Screws that are hardened are best for attaching the centre bracket.

They are durable hence assures long-lasting features- Installing the cable that will pull the door up, you attach to the bottom panel. Once the cable is wrapped, tighten down the set screws. If preferred, a professional can be hired to wind the spring.

Operator support- Install brackets to hold a new operator. Make sure it is absolutely precise and securely put in place.

The trim and paint- Use a paint scraper to remove all old caulk. The trim chosen is installed with the finish nails. Paint your door to your desired design.

This kind of work is labour-intensive thus needs enough time when conducting it. Take your time so that your garage door is safely replaced.

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