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October 22, 2019

How Would You Spend A Huge Cash Windfall?

We’ve all dreamed of winning big, right? For some people, that dream becomes a reality in some of the most spectacular ways. Let’s take a look at some legendary cash wins, along with some examples of what you could buy with your newfound wealth.

£2 Million Slots Jackpot

Trying your luck at a casino can be great fun, with so many different entertaining games to play. That said, the most popular over recent years, and especially at online casinos, is typically the vast array of slots games. If you’re lucky and the spinning reels land in your favour, there are also some big prizes to be won too. For example, the Jackpot King jackpot currently stands at over £2 million and keeps on growing.

Landing such a big chunk of change from playing slots could buy lots of things, of course, although some of us might decide to invest in buying a luxurious property. Well, it’s fair to say that nothing quite says ‘status’ than owning your own castle. Looking for bids over £1.9 million, Savills are offering Fa’side Castle in East Lothian, Scotland. This historic 14th-century property boasts stunning views over the Forth Estuary and surrounding countryside.

$18.3 Million Playing Cards

Formerly a professional magician famed for the elaborate nature of his tricks with casino chips, Antonio Esfandiari arguably performed the biggest trick of his life after deciding to become a professional poker player instead. Soon becoming a successful regular on the World Poker Tour, in 2012 ESPN reported how he landed the biggest single prize in poker tournament history, winning just over $18.3 million at the Big One Drop tournament.

Esfandiari was recently seen training for a boxing fight against his friend, actor and comedian Kevin Hart, helped by former British boxer Audley Harrison. We know wealthy people often have time on their hands, but he could have bought a watch instead. That’s what another king of the ring did in 2018 when  Floyd Mayweather splashed out $18 million on a white gold watch encrusted with 260 carats of diamonds, from exclusive jewellers Jacob & Co.

$1.53 Billion Lottery Win

In October 2018, one lucky winner in South Carolina scooped $1.537 billion landing the Mega Millions jackpot, making this the biggest ever lottery jackpot in the United States. According to news agency Reuters, the winner chose to take one lump sum payment $877 million, another record cash payment for the popular lottery played in 44 states, rather than the full amount in annual payments over 30 years.

So, what could you buy with such a massive influx of cash? Well, you could throw in a bid for your very own Hawaiian island, if the current owner is willing to sell. The sixth-largest of all the Hawaiian Islands, Lanai Island is 97% owned by Larry Ellison, the founder of tech giant Oracle, while the remaining 3% is owned by the State of Hawaii. He paid around $500 million for the island in 2012, which means you might have to do some serious haggling.

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