Hyde & Sleep – zzzzzzzzz, Say no more!

September 6, 2017

Hyde & Sleep produces multi award-winning pocket sprung and next-gen memory foam mattresses as well as pillows with cooling technology developed by NASA. The brand offers customers the choice of four memory foam or sprung mattresses which are compressed and rolled into neat, agile packaging before being posted directly to your home. They recently broadened their product range to include hybrid and hybrid-plus mattresses and 100% cotton bed sheets infused with aloe-vera. With these new products, Hyde & Sleep aims to help the British public get a better night’s sleep.

Pillows with cooling technology

Luxe Pillow

The Hyde & Sleep Luxe pillow offers the perfect sleep experience no matter what your pillow preference.

One side of the pillow uses cooling technology and memory foam to offer pressure relief, while the other side is made from ultra fine synthetic fibres for a softer ‘duck down’ feel.

Smart Pillow

For front sleepers and those who prefer a squishier pillow.

The Smart Pillow combines cooling NASA-developed technology outside with always-plump luxury microfiber inside.


Made from 100% cotton, 200 thread count and infused with aloe vera, this is bedding with a difference.

Moisturising aloe vera is applied to provide excellent long lasting comfort.

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