Ice Cognac… Cognac over ice, are you sure?

November 21, 2013

This was a new experience for me drinking Cognac over ice! My cognac has always been served in a warm glass with a touch of hot water especially on a wet, cold, Sunday night! I was a little despondent to change a habit of a lifetime but yet, once again; I am game for a new experience!

The Ice Cognac bottle is chic, stylish and an eye catching pearl white. There will be plenty of people that will just buy this brand purely because the bottle looks good and it looks good standing on the shelf! When I was given the bottle to try I immediately wanted to open it and pour some over ice just to find out why this is so different from the number of Cognacs already on the market.

Internationally recognised ABK6 Cognac (pronounced A-bé-ca-ssis as the family name of the producer) is a Single Estate Cognac range entirely produced on the Abécassis family estate in France. Blending “eaux-de-vie” from a Single Estate gives these Cognacs inimitable character and depth. The Abécassis family has been distilling wine into spirit for over a century and Cognacs up to 70 years old are to be discovered in their cellars. Over the past eight years, 26 medals have been awarded to ABK6: an indication of the quality of ABK6 Cognacs.

Ice Cognac by ABK6 is a contemporary concept in Cognac. It is soft and smooth to begin but marries suave and subtle notes of fruits. The aroma of the Ice Cognac is delightful there is an instant array of flavours bursting out of the glass. As you sip the cool spirit it is very hard to figure out exactly what those flavours are. First, a hit of peach and orange then that disperses to sharp lemon and a twist of mint.

I found that the Ice Cognac went down a little bit too quickly and left me wanting another glass! Maybe not a good thing on a Sunday evening, with a packed week ahead. Not immediately understanding the flavours found it quite exciting with every sip, as I was just not sure what the next taste would be. It’s smooth, packed with flavor and leaves a lasting taste definitely a spirit with a difference.

I admire companies that think ‘out of the box’ and bring something inspirational to the market. I totally understand that some people will be dubious to change from their normal brand but with the festive season ahead this is the perfect present for that person who has everything. I know that I would be very impressed to receive a bottle of Ice Cognac just because it is that little bit different, a little bit daring and definitely a bottle to be admired.


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