If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the foodie in your life let us help you choose

December 7, 2018

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the foodie in your life then let Beko, one of the leading home appliance brands in the UK, help you choose the perfect product.

In time for Christmas, Beko has launched two new products that are bound to make your loved one happy and spread the Christmas cheer.

The brand new Soup Maker and Vacuum Blender are both state of the art appliances that will complete their kitchen and allow them to create delicious smoothies or soup recipes!

Both available online from Beko, these products are the gifts that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Perfect for Foodies – The Beko Soup Maker

Save them time and money by ditching shop-bought soups that can often be high in salt and preservatives, and instead, help them serve up their own freshly prepared homemade soup this winter.

Beko is continuing to support the nation to eat a little bit healthier with the arrival of its innovative new Soup Maker. Equipped with the latest technology to create quick, healthy and hearty soups at home without the need to cook vegetable ingredients first.

The Beko Soup Maker is the ideal food prep appliance to help them make a range of delicious hot or cold soups from scratch. Its smart components mean it can take uncooked vegetables to a piping hot soup in 30 minutes, and then continues to keep it warm for over half an hour.

It comes with a see-through jug so that they can keep an eye on the soup as it cooks, allowing them to stop when it has reached the desired texture – reducing complaints from picky eaters!

Boasting an impressive five programmes, the Beko Soup Maker will allow them to choose between a thick or thin soup with a simple turn of a dial, and it doesn’t stop there. It is also equipped with a setting that can crush ice, blend nutritious breakfast smoothies and create cool, creamy milkshakes. A handy sauce setting also lets them create delicious homemade accompaniments to their meals. Once they’re finished, they’ll be able to use the clever AutoClean feature to save time on washing up.

It features a 1000W heater and an 800W power motor for impressive speed and efficiency. And if they’re looking for inspiration, they can head to Beko Eat Like a Pro for recipes from FC Barcelona nutritionists that include Cold Pumpkin and Orange soup with Turmeric or a Coconut Smoothie.

RRP: £99.00 Stockist: Beko and AO

FC Barcelona nutritionists approved recipes can be found here: Eat Like a Pro

Ideal for the Smoothie Fan – The New Beko Vacuum Blender

Beko, the home appliance manufacturer is continuing its campaign to help people Eat Like a Pro with the launch of a new, state-of-the-art Beko Vacuum Blender. This innovative product retains more vitamins and nutrients, up to a massive 40% in Vitamin C, than standard blenders and is the latest addition to the brands diverse and already popular range of small domestic appliances.

The Vacuum Blender’s large capacity chamber removes all air before blending, reducing oxidisation. This means that the juice or smoothie they make boasts a vibrant colour that is Instagram worthy. The blender can process whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and even ice and the results are smooth juices which retain even more enriched Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Fibre and Vitamin E for longer.

Ever woken up in the morning to find that the smoothie you made the previous evening is unpleasant, lumpy and separated? The Beko Vacuum Blender eliminates this through its new technology, meaning their desired drink is as fresh as the moment they made it.

The Beko Vacuum Blender has a 1000w motor, variable speed settings with the option to pulse, and serrated, stainless steel hardened blades which can blend the toughest of seeds, nuts and ice. It also boasts four blending functions: smoothie, ice, sauce as well as handy auto clean which cleans the entire machine at the touch of a button – they can simply blend and go!

RRP £199.99. Stockist: Beko and AO

Established in the UK in 1990, Beko plc is a subsidiary of large multinational group – KOÇ Holdings and the Arҫelik Group. KOÇ Holdings is ranked as one of the top 350 companies in the world whilst Arçelik, the parent company of Beko, is the third largest company in the home appliances industry in Europe. The group has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing home appliances and televisions.

Beko is one of the UK’s leading large home appliance brands currently expanding into the SDA market with the launch of its new range.

The company continues to develop helpful, innovative and energy efficient electrical appliances, designed to make everyday life easier for families with speedy cycles and energy saving features which can assist in saving time and money. Beko delivers exceptional value and quality, securing high levels of customer satisfaction through listening and responding to householders needs. These factors make Beko the consumer’s brand of choice.

Beko has recently updated its website where you can discover the brand new SDA range and other award winning products. Find out more here: Beko

Beko launched Eat Like A Pro in 2017, a global initiative to help parents around the world feed their children healthier food. As Premium Partner of FC Barcelona, Beko knows exactly what the top players in the world eat every day in order to perform at their best. Find out more here: Eat Like a Pro

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