In The Heights, a Tony award winning musical full of fun

February 20, 2016

Set in the dusty streets of Downtown Manhattan this kick-ass musical is somewhat a force to be reckoned with. The Kings Cross Theatre is  a graffitied cosy space, intimate and perfect for this energy filled salsa, hip hop, merengue, street dance, rap musical, have I covered all the exciting dance styles? Probably not! You’ll simply have to go and see it for your self.

The musical appeals to all, the dancing is sexy and urban,  and this fringe theatre musical will keep you smiling throughout.

The story is a simple mixture of parental disappointment and disapproval, loyalty, love of course, struggle, immigration and hope.

The eclectic cast are fearsome in their Latino spirited routines, drawing you into their lives, ensuring you become attached to each and every one of them.

We fell in love with Usnavi the owner of a rundown bodega, who endlessly gives away his profit in the way of free beverages to the love of his life Vanessa, a sensual Latino lady, who eventually falls for his charm, he raps his way into her heart.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Tony-winning composer-lyricist of In The Heights. He also originated the lead role of Usnavi for which he received a Tony-Award nomination for Best Leading Actor in a Musical.

Nina the bright daughter of the owner of the local cab company, has had to drop out of college because working two jobs just ruined her chances of good her grades and she has lost her scholarship, much to the disappointment of her hard working parents. Benny is desperately in love with Nina, but just can’t quite win the approval of her parents, he simply wants to run his own business. Cementing them all altogether is the elderly Abuela Claudia, a kindly grandmother figure.

Daniela is the sexy salon owner whose lease has expired, and is the boss of Vanessa, the salon beauty therapist who can’t afford a down payment on an apartment she wants to rent. Daniela steals the show, she’s a sassy, sensual Latino bombshell, tough on the outside and soft as marshmallow on the inside, she will melt your hearts.

This close knit community love each other, they are fiercely loyal but poverty stricken, and to cap it all off power cuts create problems that can’t be solved easily.

The storyline is simple and emotional, the interpretation of the story perfectly performed by the cast.

The cast members move their bodies in ways we envied, flexible, fast, furious and full of energy. The young street guys and gals have amazing dance skills, and the music was as vibrant as the set.  They all hit high notes and were completely convincing in their roles, they drew us into their struggling lives.

It is choreographed by Drew McOnie, who won the 2015 Off West End Award for Best Choreography for In The Heights at Southwark Playhouse.

The cast includes David Bedella, Josie Benson, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Sam Mackay, Sarah Naudi, Eve Polycarpou, Vas Constanti, Jade Ewen, Lily Frazer, Antoine Murray-Straughan, Joe Aaron Reid, Cleve September.

We came away from this musical with smiles on our faces, it was a truly enjoyable, fun filled and beautiful evening and we can’t recommend this musical highly enough.

In The Heights has now been extended to play until October 2016.

Tickets start from £22.50, with £15.00 tickets for Under 25s
Premium Seats are available
Groups of 8+: £27.50 (for top price tickets) for Mon-Fri & Sunday 6pm performances only.
School groups of 20+: £14.50 (for top price and second price tickets) for Mon-Fri performance only,
excluding Friday 8.00pm

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