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November 27, 2018

Introducing Luca Maggiora the King of Hospitality

Luca Maggiora has over 10 years experience and is now known as the King of the London’s nightclub scene. Tired of banking he opened his first club called LUXX located in Mayfair, then followed Project one of the most profitable club projects, headline talent and table spends, which were the equivalent of luxury cars!

Luca took on one of his biggest projects to date and it paid off – Toy Room with business partners Jordan Rocca, Gennaro Salerno, and Corrado Mozzillo. Toy Room attracted A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Bradley Cooper, Rihanna, Harry Styles, Nicole Scherzinger, Usain Bolt to name a few. Everything Luca touches literally turns to gold. Scandal club launched in 2017 which catered for a more commercial hip hop audience. The newest club venture is Charlie, inspiration from Charlie Chaplin located in one of London’s most prestigious post code area, Berkeley Street in Mayfair. Luca’s has now moved into the restaurant industry Acai Berry for the health conscious and opened La Mia Mamma in partnership with Peppe Corsaro and Corrado Mozzillo, on the Kings Road, Chelsea, creating an authentic Italian restaurant (La Mia Mamma) which means ” My Mum” Luca Maggiora is an example of what a true entrepreneur is made of.

Luxuria Lifestyle sat down with Luca Maggiora to discuss where it all started, what was his impetus to move from finance to being a successful entrepreneur, club and restaurant owner.

LL Start from the beginning, how did you get to where you are now?

I was born and grew up in Turin, Italy. I moved to London at 26 years old to work as a credit analyst for 2 years for a bank. Then I was contracted from the International Olympic Committee to be a consultant for a transportation logistics for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China. I quit banking to start hospitality with the first project Luxx in Old Burlington Street with partners. I opened Toy Room, then Charlie then Scandal.

LL What is your greatest achievement and biggest challenge?

My biggest achievement to date is to have conceptualised and built a hospitality group that brings joy and fun to thousands of people each week. Our biggest challenge is how to keep consolidating and expanding continuously.

LL How do you start your day talk me through this?

I wake up at 9am listening to classical music. I meditate for 20 minutes. I never sleep with my phone in my room. I have a coffee, smoke a cigarette, take a shower then check my phone after.

LL How is your business moving with the new millennial, social media presence, party booking etc?

My business is made up of partners, a strong team of great employees who are on the pulse with millennial trends, social media activations and marketing and how parties are booked. I began my hospitality career when big table bookings in West End Clubs became popular, following big music and DJ talent bookings. Social media management with Facebook and Instagram primarily has been a great tool to market our businesses to a younger audience of party lovers. The trend in music bookings is changing as well. Most of my clubs focus strongly on hip hop stars, but now we are integrating house music DJ’s which have become superstars in themselves, attracting a young international audience.

LL What advise do you have for other entrepreneurs and business owners? What do you wish someone told you?

I would advise for other entrepreneurs to just keep going and find those team members and partners who are loyal. Loyalty, hard work, and discipline are great assets I look for in my team and we all support each other.

LL What personal item could you not do without and why?

My phone as I am running several bars, clubs, and restaurants at the same time and constantly need to be on the ball when replying to customers and managing artist bookings.

LL What 3 individuals famous or not would you like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

I would love to be stuck in a lift with Barack Obama, President Trump, and Theresa May. I am really interested in politics and I agree and disagree with so many things that are happening in  global politics and I would love to speak my mind to attempt to get current topical issues changed.

LL In your opinion what makes a good entrepreneur?

To just go for it, work hard, surround yourself with loyal people, and keep going.

LL In what way do you think your background in finance shaped you to build an empire?

I understand numbers and that one needs to simply make more money then one spends. I constantly analyse financial reports for each of my businesses and see what changes need to be improved to make them profitable.

LL You have built up a solid reputation in the hospitality industry, what was your recipe for success?

Simply working hard, being disciplined, being loyal, and aligning myself with a great team of partners and employees.

LL What gave you the impetus to take the Toy Room brand worldwide?

Toy Room London was a smash success and because it became a playground for A-list actors, models, singers and sport stars – naturally business owners approached me about taking Toy Room to different cities all over the world. I think the iconic Frank the teddy bear gives customers a childhood nostalgia and the playful art and cocktail names just makes for a fun environment people want to be a part of.

LL What are the highs and lows of being a nightclub owner?

The highs are the great bonds I make with happy clients, who come and have a great time. It’s amazing to think that thousands of people a week are making fun memories within my venues. The lows are the big financial risks as it takes a lot of staff costs to run a successful club and clubs need to stay popular.

LL What’s the biggest risk you have taken and how did it turn out?

The biggest risk so far has been my recent investment in Charlie nightclub on Berkeley Street. It is in one of the most prime locations in London next to Nobu and opposite Novikov.

LL How did you manage to thrive in an industry when others fail?

Staying focused, professional, and disciplined with my lifestyle. I see nightlife as a business so when I go there to greet guests and operate, I go there to work not to party.

LL A list celebrities have walked through the doors of many of your nightclubs, is it all down to your current network or strong promotional team?

Celebrities come because we built an aspirational fun place, which feels exclusive so that people that perhaps are usually watched or judge can simply let their hair down.

LL What are the main differences between the restaurant industry and nightclub industry?

The restaurant industry is much more about content of what you are offering, delivering good quality food consistently, the location and having that unique selling point that drives customers there on a regular basis. As I have seen with La Mia Mamma restaurant in Chelsea and Acai Berry in Soho and Chelsea, these two concepts are targeting two different markets. La Mia Mamma restaurant’s hook is that Italian mothers cook their family recipes from their region in Italy to guests. Acai Berry is a healthy food offering for a fitness and health-conscious market, which is booming more than ever.

Nightlife is more big money and fast paced. You have to make an impact quickly and you operate with a very niche market. Club tables can be £1K – £3K min spend and not everyone can afford that, so the type of nightlife I work in is reaching that top 1% quickly, giving them great customer service so they became regulars, before the next big club opens and attracts the same crowd.

LL What are your 5 pearls of wisdom

Work hard.
Just go for it.
Stay disciplined.
Pick a great loyal team.
Keep Going.

LL What does the future hold for Luca your empire do have any exciting news?

I have had many offers for further restaurants, nightclubs and hotels so watch this space.

Written by Rene Byrd for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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