Introducing Martell VS Single Distillery A richer more intense cognac expression

October 31, 2017

Martell VS Single Distillery is the latest expression to launch from Martell, the world’s oldest cognac house. Forged with passion and knowledge passed through the Martell family since 1715, the uniquely crafted liquid marries spirits from a single distillation source in the Cognac region of France for a more intense, rich and fruity taste that reflects the finesse of the new contemporary Martell style.

Using grapes from Borderies, the smallest and most sought-after vineyard in the region, Martell is the only cognac brand to double distil exclusively clear wines that have been freed of all sediments, revealing and preserving the authentic fruit aromas of the grapes. This unique process characterises the high quality Martell style.

New Martell VS Single Distillery takes this same approach a step further, as each bottle is blended from eaux-de-vie derived from a single distillation source – one of Martell’s carefully selected partner distilleries in the Cognac region.

The result is a richer and more intense cognac expression of the trademark Martell style, complementing the same taste characteristics and eaux-de-vie profile, but with a smoother and fruitier blend. The signature amber glow of this smooth cognac reveals intense notes of plum, apricot and candied lemon, allowing the round and sweet aromas to be enjoyed neat and in long drinks.

Martell VS Single Distillery also boasts a contemporary bottle design. Inspired by the iconic bottle of Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell VS Single Distillery is a reflection of the brand’s heritage and renowned quality. The new design reinvents the traditional shape of the cognac ‘montre’ – the sampling bottle used for cognac – whilst retaining the iconic Martell image.

Knowing your cognac

For many, cognac can be a mysterious and misunderstood drink. Here are some quick cognac facts to help you to be in the know about this fine spirit.

What is Cognac?

Cognac is an amber-coloured alcoholic drink, made in the wine growing regions of Charente and Charente-Maritime surrounding the town of Cognac, France. It is made from distilling white wine to create eau-de-vie, ageing it in oak barrels for a minimum of two years and then blending different eaux-de-vie to create a specific flavour.

What is the difference between Brandy and Cognac?

Cognac is a type of brandy. For a cognac to indeed be a true ‘cognac’ it must follow very strict production methods tightly regulated by French law – the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. A cognac must be made only from particular grapes, the best-known being the Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche.  It is then twice distilled in copper sills and aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

What do the initials VS mean?

VS stands for “Very Special”: only eaux-de-vie at least two years old can be used to make a VS cognac. Other denominators and expressions are permitted, such as “3 stars” or “luxury”, and as such are included in the VS cognac category.

Martell VS Single Distillery will be available to purchase from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Nisa, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Amazon, Ocado, Spar and Costcutter with an RRP of £27.19.

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