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December 6, 2018

Is Villamartin Giving Marbella A Run For Its Money In The Spanish Luxury Stakes?

Marbella often comes top of our wish lists when it comes to living a life of luxury in Spain. This has been the playground of the rich and famous for a fair few years now, and it’s easy to see why. The white sand beaches and blue sea of Costa Del Sol are enough to impress most visitors. What could be better than rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on a yacht in the Spanish sun? Few things, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The trouble is, as with any popular high-end destination, Marbella prices are forever on the rise. If you’re looking to invest in property for sale in Spain, then this may not be the place to do it. After all, the high demand and steep prices around here could see you getting far less property for your money. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with a substandard property in even this luxury area. It’s hardly the stuff of the vacation dreams you had planned for yourself.

By comparison, travelling as little as two hours could see you landing in an area like Villamartin. Famous for its golf course, this is a luxury area of Spain which doesn’t get anywhere near the attention of areas like Marbella. As such, it could just be the ideal place to set up shop with a vacation rental of luxury proportions. If you aren’t convinced this is the place for you, keep reading to find out why an area like this could be worth your attention.

More property for less

In Marbella, the majority of people won’t be able to afford much more than an apartment. That may not seem like an issue until you consider what you could afford somewhere like Villamartin. For the same prices, you stand to invest in three or even four bedroom villas this way. That in itself brings a luxury element you wouldn’t find in a cramped Marbella apartment. Free-standing properties like these also bring luxury you wouldn’t find otherwise. That swimming pool will be all yours, for example. You won’t need to share your stairs or elevator. You won’t need to worry about wrapping up those parties for fear of your apartment neighbors. If you want to host luxury Spanish get-together, then, forget about Marbella. Give Villamartin the attention it deserves. You can bet that your guests will be far more impressed by options like these. And, there won’t be anything to stop you from keeping that party going well into the early hours.

Villamartin’s got the golf power

Marbella is located in Costa Del Sol. This area is also known as Costa Del Golf due to the sheer amount of golf courses on offer in the location. Marbella alone has three courses to boast of. And, let’s be frank; luxury vacations don’t get better than hitting the golf course in the sun. This is the ultimate way to unwind, and it’s sure to leave you refreshed like nothing else you do during your time away. In reality, though, Villamartin may well have the upper hand here too. This is, after all, an urbanisation built around the PGA standard golf course of the same name. Way back in 1940, The Paul Putman course even hosted the Mediterranean open. What’s more, many of the real estate companies working here can secure you either free membership or reductions. That’s not a benefit you’ll find with any Marbella property. Not only are you saving money, then, but you’re gaining access to a 72-par course measuring 6000 meters. We would say that alone is an incentive worth moving to the area for.

Those Costa Blanca beaches

Remember how we mentioned Costa Del Sol’s white beaches and blue seas? Well, Villamartin offers all the same from its proximity to various Costa Blanca beaches. The luxurious beach of Playa de la Zenia is just five minute’ drive from Villamartin. It’s sure to help you while away a luxurious day or two sipping cocktails from its various beachside bars. You’ll also be pretty close to Playa de los Naufragos. You won’t even need to give up your dream of yachts in this area, with Cabo Roig marina pretty close by. In short; Marbella doesn’t boast of anything you can’t also find near to this luxury area. Sure, you may not be able to rub against your top stars when you’re on the beach, but who cares? After all, Marbella’s beaches are so crowded that you would end up rubbing shoulders with everyone else, as well. Speaking of crowded areas, that leads us onto the one last luxury bonus of investing in travel property further afield.

The luxury of exclusivity

For many of us, exclusivity and luxury go hand in hand. There’s nothing more luxurious, after all than near enough having a whole beach to yourself. That’s never going to happen in an area with as much attention as Marbella. Even walking down the street here can be a challenge at prime vacation times. And, if you have to push your way through the crowd, your supposedly luxurious trip could soon start to feel anything but. By comparison, a lesser-known area like Villamartin could see you enjoying that private luxury you crave. Unlike in Marbella, your yacht could be the only one out at sea for the entirety of your stay. Your party could well end up with most of that beach just for them. Even walking into town or heading out to that iconic golf course is sure to be a more chilled out affair. Given that getting away is all about removing stresses and taking time for yourself, we would say this alone is reason enough to steer clear of Spain’s supposed luxury hot spots. Instead, spare some careful consideration to the alternatives on offer to you. It can be difficult to let go of the idea of property ownership in an area you’ve heard a lot about. But, we can guarantee that you would never regret your decision here.

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