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March 16, 2020

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition and Triple Distilled Whisky – giving just a little extra hop

Whiskey that everyone can enjoy.

Jameson Caskmates IPA edition stands firmly in its’ name, with a rich yellow colour similar to that of a delicious craft beer. A twist to the oh so popular Jameson Irish whiskey, matured in Irish Pale Ale-seasoned barrels at their Midleton Distillery. The Midleton distilleries complex is situated in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. It is owned by Irish Distillers, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. Located alongside is the Old Midleton Distillery, which was established in the early 17th century and now operates as a visitor centre known as the Jameson Experience.

Whiskey hasn’t always been a favourite amongst many, but since the release of the IPA edition, it has become an enjoyable drink for not only whiskey but craft beer lovers too. Being a fan of craft beer but not so much whiskey, I decided to take up the challenge to see (rather taste) what the fuss is all about.

At first glance the rich Irish green bottle and gold trimmings are very prominent and strike home, the bottle gives the idea of a first-class, most expensive whiskey, but with the availability of it throughout leading outlets and at a recommended price of R359.00, it becomes an affordable whiskey that everyone can enjoy.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is known for by many as the drink to have on the rocks, however, the idea behind the IPA edition is so that it can be enjoyed in refreshing cocktails as well. This sets a tone of inclusivity to beer lovers, whiskey drinkers and now also cocktail fanatics.

The sniffer: Rich hoppy flavours are very lightly prominent with a more distinctive smell of flowers and some herbs. The hoppy flavours of the IPA whiskey are definitely complemented with the wooden barrels, leaving it with a rich nutty flavour.

The Kisser: A sense of light hops leaves a smooth sensation on the tongue, added citrus such as lemon, lime or even a slice of orange brings out the fresh citrus taste of this beauty. It leaves the taste buds with a spicy aftertaste, which is a definite thumbs up.

G&T without the G, IPA edition

Jameson Caskmates IPA edition, lots of ice, tonic water (can be any of your choices, Indian Tonic Water from Schweppes makes a great pairing) and last but not least, a lemon wedge (or 3).

Fill a glass with ice, pour in the Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition, top it up with tonic water of your choice and drop a few lemon wedges into the glass. Enjoy.

For the Ginger Beer lovers (Not necessarily have to be ginger)
50ml Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition, 3 chunks of fresh ginger, 30ml honey syrup, 15ml lemon juice, 15ml lime juice, 70ml IPA beer.

Add the ginger chunks into a shaker, add the 50ml Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition, 30ml honey syrup, 15ml lemon, and 15ml lime juice. Shake well and add into a glass of your choice, the bigger the better, over cubed ice. Top it off with an IPA beer of your choice and garnish with some added lemon or a sprig of fresh rosemary. Cheers

Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey is based on triple distilled pot still and grain whiskey, aged for a minimum of 4 years to develop the distinctive taste as known by all. Established in 1780 and is still a favourite to millions in the world. It is distinctive to its’ clear green bottle and whiskey of darker tones of yellow, think of a Saharan sunrise in a glass.

Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey is the cream of the crop to profound whiskey drinkers as it is preferred on the rocks. Making cocktails from whiskey isn’t a new invention of any sort, the rich flavours of Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey by itself isn’t preferenced to many, but a few recipes have been added to make it a desired refreshing drink to everyone.

The sniffer: Rich aromas of floral notes and a sense of sweet vanilla to end off the sweet sensation of this impeccable whiskey. A deep sense of wood from the barrels are present with a touch of spice, definitely a very pleasant smell.

The Kisser: A smooth vanilla taste is left to linger after every sip. A minimum of 3 sips is recommended to get the amazing sensations of what Jameson Triple Distilled has to offer. The floral notes are complemented by the cherry taste traces, it is a very mild whiskey.

Ginger Ale Whiskey snap

50ml Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey, lots of ice, ginger ale (add a dash of soda water if preferred), a wedge of lime (or more).
Fill a glass of your choice with ice, pour over the 50ml Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey, top it up with ginger ale and drop a few lime wedges. Enjoy

Crushed berry blaze

50ml Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey, lots of ice, soda water, a wedge of lime, fresh mixed berries (can be frozen if preferred)
Fill a glass (a pretty one would be great) with ice, pour over the 50ml Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey, top it up with soda water, add a fresh lime wedge, add the fresh berries into the mixture and squeeze then against the inside of the glass to release some extra berry flavour. Cheers

Written by Shannon Uijs  for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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