Jing Tea – Christmas in July

July 11, 2017

Gong Fu Gift Set From £50

Gong Fu Gift Set

Relax and focus with a tea ceremony refined over millennia. Chinese in essence but modern in form, our Gong Fu Tea Set equips you with all you need to share and enjoy loose leaf tea.

Watch your loose tea leaves unfurl, judge the strength of the infusion, and enjoy the subtle nuances of taste and texture. The making and enjoyment of perfect tea is at the heart of this elegant glass tea set.

Use the small pitcher to decant your tea between infusions, ensuring a perfectly balanced cup and allowing your leaves to breathe before the next infusion. The twin wall teacups complete your ceremony, and keep your tea hot and hands cool.

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Li Shan Oolong Tea £8.95

Li Shan Oolong Tea

Our Li Shan is a lightly oxidised and tightly rolled oolong, grown on one of the tallest mountains in Taiwan. On infusion, the tea has a pristine bright yellow colour and an amazingly floral and sweet aroma. Due to the altitude at which Li Shan oolong is grown, and the slow growth that this allows, the leaves of the tea are very large and often separated by large, long stems. These large leaves expand and fill the teapot after each infusion. This is the ultimate experience of a lightly oxidised and fired Taiwanese oolong.

The Taichung region is home to Taiwan’s most famous high mountain oolongs, Li Shan Oolong and Dayuling Oolong (grown at elevations in excess of 2,000m).

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Classic Matcha Set From £60

Classic Matcha Gift Set

Our JING Matcha Set provides you with the essential tools you need to make the perfect matcha, in the traditional Japanese style. Our set includes an elegant “Kazuho” bamboo whisk hand-made by one of the most renowned whisk makers in Japan, a bamboo “chashaku” tea spoon and a beautiful deep black and rich red-brown bowl.

The complete set with tea includes a 30g tin of our Matcha green tea, sourced from Kagoshima, in the far south of Japan.

W: Matcha Gift Set

Japanese Matcha Tin £24

Japanese Matcha Tin

Our Matcha Supreme green tea has a deliciously sweet and deep flavour. Its vivid, bright green colour is typical of Matcha tea produced using the finest tencha base leaves. Producing Matcha tea is famously labour intensive – it can take up to one hour to grind 40 grams of this tea, but the result, when made correctly is well worth the effort.

Our Matcha is produced in Kagoshima, in Kyushu, in the far south of Japan. The area is overlooked by Sakurajima, an active volcano which periodically covers the area in ash, making the area extremely fertile.

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