JustFab – Not Just Shoes!

May 17, 2017

I love my shoes, I have dozens of pairs, but I hate to spend a huge amount of money on them, I like to wear them with impunity, I hate to worry about scuffing the heels or ruining them in puddles, so £35 a pair in my humble opinion is great value. This is the offering from JustFab, amazing value shoes and quality to match. So you can have your favourite style in all the colours if that’s what takes your fancy.

Here is how it works – For £35 a month, the service enables members to choose one item out of their personalised selection of shoes and handbags, which has been specifically designed from a mini style questionnaire as you join. Of course, members can purchase as many additional items as they wish at the same VIP price. If nothing catches their fancy, members are free to skip the month (on the 5th) and save their shopping pennies for another day. For those who don’t want to sign up to a full membership, there is the option to pay as you go, buying shoes and handbags at regular retail price.

The selection is huge, sandals, pumps, boots, heels and wedges, and the delivery is free and speedy, and returning just as simple.

JustFab is an easy to navigate website and they are growing through their success, swimwear is the latest addition to the brand.

Whether it’s shoes and handbags, dresses or tops, every single one of the JustFab styles is born and raised inside the Los Angeles office. From initial sketch to sample creation to the finished product, the real magic of JustFab starts with the in-house design team. The design team understand that style is personal and an expression of individuality. Whether you go for girly, sexy, sporty or sophisticated or stick to the classics, there is a look for you.

The styles and designs are extremely on-trend with the design team keeping their finger on the pulse of high street fashion and bringing it to you at affordable prices.

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