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November 14, 2019

Ketel One® a lively, rich and sweet vodka

With ten generations of Nolet family distilling passion and expertise, the Ketel One ® brand is built on one-to-one conversations with the bartending community. Launched in the United States in the early 1980s, Carolus Nolet Sr. was inspired by original recipes and techniques of his ancestors when he created the recipe for and distinctive personality of Ketel One® Vodka.

Ketel One® Vodka is a sophisticated and crisp, wheat-based, super-premium blend crafted from small batches, using copper pot stills as a part of the process. The original coal-fired pot still, Pot Still Number 1, otherwise known as “Distilleerketel # 1”, is the inspiration for the name of this Dutch vodka.

Each final production of Ketel One® Vodka is approved by a member of the Nolet family prior to bottling.

After extensive research, Ketel One® Citroen Vodka was launched in 2000, created by infusing Ketel One ® Vodka with citrus essential oil essence. Two different types of lemon from Sicily give the vodka a lively, rich sweetness, whilst one variety from Spain gives a full, distinctive taste. Lemon from Guinea, West Africa results in a more intense character, whilst two varieties of lime from the Caribbean give Ketel One® Citroen Vodka an incredible note of freshness.

In 2008, the Nolet Group created a 50/50 joint venture company with Diageo, Ketel One® Citroen Vodka Worldwide B.V., to import, sell, market and distribute Ketel One® Vodka and Ketel One® Citroen Vodka and to maximize global growth potential for the Ketel One® Vodka brand.

In 2013, a new campaign launched across Western Europe – ‘Do One Thing Well’. It is synonymous to the core beliefs of the Nolet family and their unwavering commitment to ‘doing one thing well’.

The world is full of people wanting to make their mark, but the ones who really stand out are the ones who find what they love and do it as well as they possibly can. Inspired by Ketel One’s own dedicated approach and passion to create the world’s leading high-quality crafted vodka, the Do One Thing Well campaign celebrates the passion and skill required to achieve success in a discipline.

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