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December 10, 2018

King Cobra – the beer with a difference

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the beer connoisseur? Introducing King Cobra.

One of Cobra beer’s more unique drinks, King Cobra is served in a champagne bottle making it a striking and unusual gift for the festive season, perfect for all beer lovers. More than this, the beer is brewed using ale yeast and is double fermented in the bottle, a process normally reserved for fine Trappist ales. This gives the beer a super-premium, full-bodied taste and pleasant, hazy appearance.

The unusual beer was earlier this year, awarded a Grand Gold by Monde Selection, one of the prestigious quality awards in the world of beer. It is the perfect accompaniment for any gathering and with any food.

Recently, the King Cobra (alongside the rest of the collection – Cobra Premium, Cobra Zero and Malabar – a small batch blonde IPA, and Cobra Gluten Free) received Vegan approval status, meaning that it can be enjoyed by more people.

Cobra Beer has always been brewed as the perfect beer to be enjoyed with food and King Cobra is no exception, with the same smooth taste. Brewed with the finest natural ingredients, with an innovative recipe, Cobra Beer’s low carbonation gives the range its distinctive character and smoothness. Cobra Beer is a premium beer brewed using a unique and complex recipe with the finest ingredients including water, malted barley, yeast, rice, maize, wheat and three variety of hops. The result is the taste of a lager with the smoothness of ale – perfectly balanced, rounded and smooth.

As well as being found in most Indian restaurants, Cobra is now served alongside a wide range of pan-Asian foods in restaurants across the country including Thai, Chinese, Japanese food as well as Turkish and Lebanese dishes. With a whole range of different products including a gluten free beer and even a Blond IPA, named Malabar after the Karnataka coast of India, Cobra Beer today provides the perfect alternative that can be enjoyed on its own or with foods from around the world.

Cobra’s founder, Karan Bilimoria wants everyone to be able to experience the great Cobra taste and its unbeatable smooth texture – including coeliacs, those who don’t drink alcohol, vegans and vegetarians. As a result, the beer has branched out to ensure that it can provide beer to all needs.

Cobra Beer Gluten Free, for example, is indistinguishable from its original – unlike many other beers.

King Cobra is available from all major supermarkets nationwide.

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