Kona Restaurant presents The Jasmine Indian Afternoon Tea

March 7, 2018

Kona Restaurant is a fine tea experience found nestled in St James Court, Taj Hotel and Club with easy access from Buckingham Gate. The historical theme setting transports the guest to Victorian times with a chance to taste classic cakes of that period, keeping its originality yet with a slight modern-day twist.

I was delighted to have been invited to the brand new Enchanted Jasmine Indian Afternoon Tea. A chance to experience the rich traditions of the Indian dining culture with a bold and innovative twist on the traditional afternoon tea. We were escorted through the Hotel and to our seats at Kona Restaurant. The attentive staff had brought over a tea menu and offered recommendations in favour of our taste buds. I ordered the Jasmine tea whilst my plus one had the Spicy Chai Latte. Whilst we waited shots of caramel lassi with chikki toffee crunch entwined with a cardamom flavour were brought over to the table. A lovely tasting treat.

A waiter then wheeled over authentic-inspired Indian delights led by Executive Chef Sheroy Kermani. We were left to enjoy a variety of sandwiches, such as spiced creamed cheese savoury Eastern dishes including crispy chicken tikka spring rolls. Followed by the traditional Indian dessert Gulab jamun; beautiful deep fried & sugar poached milk dumplings and a selection of delicious cakes, scones and pastries which included chocolate Rasmalai; creamy cheese cake balls flavoured with chocolate and Gulabi; rose flavoured scones. Kona took me and my plus one’s dietary preferences into consideration and provided a pescatarian friendly platter.

We enjoyed the food and atmosphere so much so that we had lost track of time. Kona kindly accommodated our stay an hour later, with the closing time being 6 PM and to us having left at 7 PM!

Kona Restaurant also offers The Alice in Wonderland Tea.

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Wonderland. Fantastical, elegant and fun – this very special themed afternoon tea will have you grinning like a Cheshire Cat. The Tea Party in Wonderland features an eclectic menu of cakes and pastries inspired by characters and quirks from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland like ‘Queen of Hearts’ Mango Tarts, ‘Drink Me’ strawberry potion, ‘Caterpillar’s Mushroom’ Raspberry Marshmallows, White Chocolate Mousse Teacups and Pocket Watch macaroons. Accompanying finger sandwiches include Alice English Cucumber and Cream Cheese on Beetroot Bread, Fish Footman Tuna Mayonnaise on White Bread and Lory Cornish Yarg and Tomato with Redcurrant Jelly.

I undoubtedly will be back again to taste the Alice in Wonderland Tea next.

W: Taj Hotel and Club
A: St. James Court – A Taj Hotel, 54 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AF

Written by Amina Maz for Luxuria Lifestyle

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