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July 5, 2019

KYMIRA Sport specifically designed to accelerate recovery

KYMIRA Sport is not just any old active wear, the fabrics capture the body’s wasted energy and convert it to a specific wavelength of Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) that has proven beneficial effects on the body. Its KYnergy infrared technology is embedded within the fibres of their fabrics so that the wearer gains the benefits provided by the FIR emitted by the KYMIRA Sport products.

Among other benefits, KYMIRA Sport products specifically accelerate the recovery process and are best worn before, during, and after exercise. However, benefits can also be achieved by only wearing the products after exercise. These benefits include:

Increased circulation
Increased tissue oxygenation
Increased cellular repair and replication
Pain relief

Research into Infrared and our technology has provided evidence that it can increase blood flow and tissue oxygen levels during training, which results in an increase in overall performance and accelerated recovery. This allows an athlete to push harder, go further and recover quicker between sessions. He also added “feedback so far from athletes wearing our range is that this is a game changer” – said Founder of KYMIRA, Tim Brownstone

The increased blood oxygenation and circulation caused by FIR helps with the removal and breakdown of lactic acid and increases the rate in which waste products are removed from cells. The increased circulation also aids in replenishing muscle glycogen levels, reducing inflammation and speeding up the recovery process. All of these effects result in a faster replenishment of energy during and after exercise and increase the rates of cellular repair and replication.

The KYMIRA Sport range includes leggings, shorts, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops and much more. Products can be viewed  here

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