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September 28, 2020

La Rue Verte – a secret that’s hidden in plain sight

It’s my pleasure to introduce the Christmas gift box Sérénité by premium CBD skincare brand, La Rue Verte.
La Rue Verte’s ethos is self-nurture — we aim to bring peace, stillness and clarity to the mind, and a feeling of balance and wellness to the body.

CBD is safe & legal, and it can positively benefit your everyday life. We utilise cannabidiol as an anti-inflammatory foundation for healthy skin. This focuses on cell renewal, regulation of moisture balance, and contains antioxidant properties to strengthen and activate the immune system along with anti-wrinkle effects.

This is the Ultimate in holistic CBD and the best edit of the La Rue Verte range for the body and the mind.
Christmas Sérénité gift box at £120 includes:

1000mg CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

100% natural and with CBD refined to a purity greater than 99% then suspended in organic Hemp oil. 0% THC and CO2 extracted.

Soothing Body Balm 50ml 1000MG CBD, Menthol, Geranium

This luxurious Body Balm targets the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the epidermis to restore, correct and modify the skin’s health.
Designed to be used both professionally in LRV’s pioneering treatments and at-home, the La Rue Verte Body Balm offers a deeply moisturising blend of essential oils, soothing menthol, a potent 1000mg of #O99CBD, and geranium.

Ageless Lotion 30ml Vitamin E, Vitamin C

Delivers high concentrations of Vitamin C helping to support, balance and relieve dehydrated skin. Featuring soothing organic aloe and hydrating coconut. Antioxidant-rich with natural VIT E, organic Cannabidiol (CBD), omega 3&6 enriched reship oil and more, all to create a gentle but effective daily-use lotion.

Revitalising Serum 15ml Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, COQ10

The ultimate pathway of prevention supported with Hyaluronic acid and retinol. Restoring plumpness, correcting hydration and modifying your skin with rich vitamins and cell-renewing Q10. Formulated with toning DMAE and ski-loving oils for a smooth and calming serum. (Perfect to use before Ageless Lotion)

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