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May 14, 2019

Laura Kay Micro-blading Supremo

To wake up in the morning and already appear to be ‘made-up’ is the best feeling! The saying ‘ I woke up like this’ is now and has been for a while a real possibility! Thanks to micro-blading and semi-permanent make-up.

I’ve very recently been lucky enough to visit Laura Kay in her training academy to have my ‘barely there’ brows micro-bladed. It’s a simple affair for the client, not so for the operator. The process is a precision led treatment, it involves a high level of skill, great artistic flare and a lot of patience to ensure the brows are as precisely perfect as possible. We all know that our brows are not twins but sisters, but mine looked more like they belonged to two complete strangers!

Laura spent at least half an hour discussing with me the shape, definition, expectations and colour and then created the shape to follow with her mini blade, this really is the most important stage to ensure total satisfaction.

The next step is the actual micro-blading after thoroughly cleansing the skin. The first three or four strokes are a little uncomfortable, but as the area is fractionally traumatised adrenalin rushes to that area and numbs it, from then on it is virtually pain free. The entire process took just about an hour and a half.

My skin heals pretty quickly and for me there was no ‘down time’, the area didn’t feel sore and was not red, the healing process was extremely simple, (with a little help from the Laura Kay healing balm applied twice a day), the brows looked amazing. Laura told me that the brows will lightly scab over, like tiny cat scratches, the brows may look like they’ve lost colour but that it will come back. My brows looked perfect from the end of the treatment, very gently dried out, but remained a great colour, dark for me, and have remained that way. It’s two weeks since my micro-blading and I can honestly say they are now as close to being twins as possible and look absolutely perfect.The shape is long and elegant, with natural looking hair strokes, I no longer need to fill in the gaps with pencil.

I feel my beautifully defined eyebrows give me a more youthful look, I’m thrilled to bits. Laura has asked me to return in eight weeks time to top up any little gaps that may appear during the healing process, as yet they still seem absolutely great. They say ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’ and I have to say if you checked out my soul it would say ‘ thank you Laura’!

Laura also offers medical tattooing, scalp micro-pigmentation, tattoo removal, eyeliner and lip tattooing. Laura also has a fully accredited training academy.

About Laura

Laura Kay is a leading Permanent makeup expert. Laura has over 15 years experience in the make-up industry and is well known for her colour, design and precision skills.

Laura Kay London has clinics in prestigious locations in the UK and she uses cutting edge techniques to provide the most natural looking results.

In 2015, Laura decided to share her world class skills and founded Laura Kay London Academy.

Laura reveals how to perform her expert fine hair stroke techniques and shares her array of knowledge with her students to become great technicians and artists!

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T:  020 3813 4303
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