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September 6, 2016

Sporting finals, front row tickets or sold out concerts, Lifestyle Tickets is a one stop ticketing and hospitality agency, accessing the very best music, sports, theatre and one off events that the world of tickets has to offer.

With a dedicated team of experts they have the knowledge, the access and the infrastructure to deliver serendipitous moments that you will cherish forever in a manner that reflects great value and the highest level or service

A main advantage for LT is the ability to tap into its vast array of contacts and global network of suppliers whilst benefiting from not having to stick to one source enables us to cater to the weird and wonderful world of requests that get thrown at us from all over the world on a daily basis. If we don’t have the stock ourselves, we know how to source it at a price that reflects the market and with the peace of mind that comes with all LT purchases.

As the go to ticket sourcing company for the most Concierge companies, corporate business and private member clubs and with a passion for accessing the inaccessible With LT at your service the only limit is your imagination.


For more details please contact Lifestyle Tickets by phone: 0203 176 0777, by email: , on the website Lifestyle Tickets or via Place a Request

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