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February 27, 2019

Lighting Tips and Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Every room in your house has different lighting needs. The lighting in your kitchen may be bright and practical, whereas your bedroom may need softer lighting to create a calming ambience to help you feel relaxed before bed.

The best way to address the lighting needs of every room in your home is to create a floorplan and work out what specific tasks and requirements take place in each space. Designing the lighting in your home may be a less obvious aspect of interior design, but it can be an easy way to get the most out of each room in your house. Here are a few lighting tips, ideas and suggestions that will help you create the perfect lighting throughout your home.

LED Lights

LED lights have become an increasingly popular addition to homes in recent years as they are adaptable to create any light atmosphere you desire. Lighting companies are a great place to start when looking for different lighting options for your home and offer a wide range of LED lights that will be a great addition to every room.

Lights.co.uk have various product features such as dimmable lighting features, LED panels, and LED ceiling lights that have a fitted sensor. They are a good quality light company that will be able to supply your lighting needs whatever your budget. They are very affordable and can offer LED spotlight lamps from as little as £10.

The lights.co.uk website is easy to navigate and shows which products they have available for each individual room. So, if you are unsure of how best to light up a room, refer to their website for some suggestions. They will have products suitable for various occasions so be sure to check them out!

Living Room

Your living room is likely to be the central focus of your home as it is where you will spend a lot time relaxing, but it may also be a space to host any guests you have round to the house. The lighting requirements for the living room should be a mixture of calm and relaxing, as well as being functional when entertaining.

Floor lamps are very popular in living rooms as they provide a substantial amount of lighting but can match a colour scheme or the décor in the rest of the room. Floor lamps are often included in interior design as they can offer lighting for just one specific area of the room. For example, they can be a great addition to a reading corner! Floor lamps are popular as they can be used to create a cosy environment but also save on electricity as they are an alternative to having the main lights on all the time.


Many families and friends gather in the kitchen, so it is important that the lighting in your kitchen is both inviting as well as practical. Kitchen lighting needs to be diverse as when you are cooking you will need bright and clear lights to help you see what you are doing. But you may want a more relaxed alternative if you plan to dine here or host guests in the same room.

Track lighting is very popular in kitchens as it is ideal for lighting up work spaces while still giving a sophisticated look. Often track lighting comes with an adjuster, so your kitchen lighting can be flexible depending on how you are using the room.

Dining Room

A dining room is often a communal room in a household that hosts family meal times, so it will require substantial lighting. However, dining rooms are favourites amongst interior designers who use the room to create a stylish but practical ambience. Warm lights are often used in dining rooms, and these are sometimes created by chandeliers. Adding a chandelier to your dining room can offer a classic look to a room, as well as giving it a stylish sophisticated upgrade.

Pendant lights are also popular lighting products you can find in dining rooms as they offer both practical lighting as well as creating a design feature in the room. They can be hung from the ceiling above the dining room table to add a unique design element to an otherwise boring room. Just because certain rooms in your house have a clear function, does not mean you can’t be creative with them!

Lighting features should be an aspect of interior design that you consider as seriously as what colour theme you want in each room. By being creative with lighting, you can really change the appearance of a room without spending loads of money on redecorating.

You can use the lighting in a room to really show off particular features of a room and use products to contribute to the overall style you are trying to create. The above suggestions are a great place to start when creating lighting features in your home.

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