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May 21, 2019

Luxuria Lifestyle celebrated Japanese Golden Week at Sake no Hana

Luxuria Lifestyle was thrilled to be invited to celebrate Japanese Golden Week with a campaign centred around Koinobori. Koinobori, meaning ‘carp streamers’ in Japanese, are carp shaped flags flown at the end of Golden Week and Carp are spirit fish. In homage to this custom, Sake no Hana has been transformed to show the colourful journey of the carp. A special menu has been created, featuring sushi with laser cut fish scales – a first in the UK – and an exclusive Koinobori cocktail. Luxuria Lifestyle was thrilled to try the limited-edition signature menu created by Exective Head Chef Hideki Hitwatashi. The highlights include laser cut sushi and the nori encasing hand-made sushi rolls, laser cut with beautiful and intricate details, reminiscent of fish scales.

Sake no Hana is the Japanese restaurant from the Hakkasan Group. The Hakkasan Group is a worldwide hospitality company with establishments across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Known for Michelin Star restaurants that set the high-level standard. The Hakkasan Group boasts restaurant, nightlife with the focus on service, design, innovation and experience. It’s restaurant portfolio includes Hakkasan, with 12 locations worldwide, Ling Ling, Yauatcha, Sake no Hana. Herringbone and Searsucker. Under the nightlife umbrella is Hakkasan, Omnia, Jewel and 1 Oak.

Welcome to Sake no Hana

London is indeed the place to experience a vast variety of culturally diverse restaurants. I am always on the hunt for a refined Japanese dining experience. In my life I have had the pleasure of dining in some of the most amazing Asian restaurants in London. The invitation to Sake no Hana was accepted without delay. Sake no Hana is on the corner of the world famous St James street Mayfair, surrounded by some of the most prestigious venues in central London.

Sake no Hana has managed to perfectly balance tradition with a symphony of dishes and authenticity, bursting with flavour. Sake no Hana offers modern authentic dining in Mayfair providing a selection of charcoal grill, toban and Kamameshi dishes, while sushi and sashimi are prepared to order at the sushi bar. The interior designer is the world renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the restaurant design has taken its inspiration from nature, bamboo and cypress wood, which gives a feel of a futuristic forest, minimalist in design.

My Sake no Hana Koinobori experience

I received an invite mid-week to experience the Japanese Golden Week Koinobori at Sake no Hana. I have experience of the Japanese food and culture so was keen and be a part of the Koinobori celebration. Set in a prime location St James, Mayfair it was easy to find a short walk from Green Park Station. Sake no Hana is perfect whether you are out on a business lunch or dinner, celebrating with friends and family to experience modern authentic Japanese cuisine.

Upon arrival we were booked in and guided to escalators to the main restaurant, this added to the anticipation. The restaurant is authentic bamboo wood beams and lantern style lighting, with a very traditional atmosphere. Windows and lighting perfectly positioned to create space, but yet managed to still keep a warm atmosphere. We walked past a sushi station where chefs were preparing dishes in front of guests. The host was welcoming and offered us the Koinobori set menu and assisted me with the choices and explained them all in detail. The menu offered; Soup Sansai Shiriu – a small cup of white miso soup with Japanese foraging vegetables, delicate and opened our appetite amazing! Sadly I am allergic to raw fish, but was given the option to try a vegetable and fruit version of sushi Urokozushi, mango rice, crab, rice and soya sauce it was tasty and delicate with detail which looked so beautiful. The main was of the following Haru Yasi Miso Salmon, asparagus, rape seeds, wild garlic sauce, Kisetu Yasai Tempura, chef’s choice of vegetable and our choice-Yakitori Corn Chicken, grilled miso chicken, shishito pepper, yuzu chilli sauce, very tasty. The Koinobori menu was minimalist, tasty and beautifully presented, which was in keeping of the theme. Cocktail choice; Koinobori Martini, Belvedere Vodka Sakura tea cordial, lime juice, foamer, koi carp rice paper, delicious!

After such a tasty meal I was keen to try out the selection of Wagashi desserts! I didn’t need any persuasion …dorayaki, inchigo daifuku, mitarashi dango, matcha roll kace, Heaven on a plate!


Sake no Hana Koinobori menu is sophisticated, authentic Japanese cuisine. The menu was modern, light and gave me and opportunity to experience something extra special. The staff are professional and welcoming and the atmosphere relaxing and true to the Japanese respectful culture. The wider Sake no Hana menu will suit many different tastes. The menu has exciting, traditional and sharing plate style options and there are also dishes to suit vegetarians, meat and fish lovers. Sake no Hana is a perfect place to celebrate an engagement, graduation or business in an wonderful welcoming traditional setting.

Sake no Hana has a restaurant in beautiful Bali for the seasoned travellers. In London they offer group dining, wine masterclasses, Umai Sushi Saturday’s which is a seven course authentic Japanese lunch, accompanied by a choice of cocktails and half a bottle of Louis Roederer Premier NV Champagne.

T: 020 7925 8988
A: 23 St James’s St, St. James’s, London SW1A 1HA
W: Sake no Hana

Written by Rene Byrd for Luxuria Lifestyle International


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