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November 19, 2018


On Sunday, Feb 25th 2018 Luxuria Lifestyle International held their first Luxury Blogger / Influencer event for 130 guests, press and VIP’s and 37 partnering / sponsoring brands.

Held in one of London’s premier private members clubs, 3 St.James Square, many of the UK’s top influencers networked with luxury brands while enjoying fine wines and sushi.

Many exciting and promising collaborations were made, at the same time everyone involved had a great time. We have heard from each and every brand involved with only extremely positivge feedback, so much so that many of these luxury brands wish to be involved in our next events.

Our guests went away with a fully stocked gift bag, featuring some wonderful gifts, as well as a smile.

The fashion show was a real highlight as was the vodka bar. The club was a wonderful venue for our luxurious event and ideally situated in central London, but we are keen to venture outside of the capital as well.

If you would like to join our elite team of influencers apply here

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