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March 26, 2019

Luxurious Facial by Gaylia Kristensen at the Sofitel St James

Anti-Ageing. Whether that’s an appropriate word to use for marketing one’s beauty products to women in this day in age is individually subjective.

Beauty is something people aspire to. To be called “beautiful” is a compliment. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but, in reality, the basics of beauty is down to science. Whether one has a symmetrical face (the golden ratio of symmetry in one’s face being 1:1.618), the correct hip-to-waist ratio (0.7), the right scent, and even the right immune system can attract a partner to reproduce. Reproduction and beauty are linked hence why age is a factor.

We live in a golden age of broadening acceptance and understanding of everyone’s individuality. Women we might not consider “beautiful” are gracing glossy magazine covers. Women who were once deemed as too old or too fat are the face of campaigns.

Through increasing life spans, the availability of better physical and mental healthcare, better food resources from organic, vegan, vegetarian, farm-fed animals, to the positive part social media is doing to heightening the importance of fitness and also more awareness for our many physical differences, I am positive that the breadth of the definition of beauty is expanding. People are indeed living longer, healthier, and more contentiously. More importantly, people are more accepting than ever of one another’s differences.

As a PR agency owner, myself, I understand that brands want to sell to people the dream with a now burgeoning trend of marketing real-life people or redefining the beauty of age and shape through celebrities. Just look at the faces of premium and luxury beauty products – Guerlain’s cover model is Angelina Jolie (beautiful at age 43), Amy Schumer on USA Vogue’s 2016 cover, Dove Soap’s Real Beauty advertising campaign using women of all ages and sizes.

I do even think the Kardashian-Jenner craze has literally morphed the sight of a larger woman’s ass as attractive.

Trends and cultures of each era shape what people deem as beautiful but the science will still stick that the more symmetrically-faced, healthy-looking, pheromone-rich, young women of breeding age is, the more beautiful they will be seen.

A Melbourne-native with 20+ years of experience, Australian’ Gaylia and her husband launched their own beauty brand called Gaylia Kristensten in April 2010 whose sole UK distributor is Cozmetica. The Gaylia Kristensen beauty treatments and products have now been lauded with numerous accolades all over the world such as the Product of the Year 2013 by Hong Kong Magazine for her Silk Luxury Hand Treatment and Harper Bazaar Spa Awards 2015 Best Firming Facial at the Fairmont Willow Stream Spa in Singapore.

Gaylia’s spa treatments and products are for clients to look younger without them choosing to get Botox and surgical procedures. Her gorgeous products smell of vanilla, coconut, citrus and tropical fruits and are produced with the latest scientific advancements using protein technologies, natural botanicals, Phyto-nutrient yeasts, serums and Hydrolysed Marine Collagen.

The beauty products range from luxury hand treatments, orange blossom cleanser, facial polish and anti-ageing creams which range in price from £55.00 to £195.00.

I decided to try out Gaylia Kristensen’s anti-ageing facial at the wonderful SoSpa in the 5-star Sofitel St James Hotel. Gaylia Kristensen’s Signature Facial Treatments will be exclusively available at SoSPA in London from February – May for an exciting “Pop-In”.

I had the pleasure of having the 90-minute Deluxe – Ultimate Firming Facial (£160). As I walked into the boutique spa foyer, the staff kindly offered me hot hibiscus tea, a hot soothing towel and a chocolate-covered apricot and almond. Once I freshened up and ate my sweet, a woman kindly led me into the treatment room. I was to choose an affirmation card with a simply phrase during my treatment and when they would perform the emotional tapping technique. I am not a fan of the ETT but I liked the card – it’s just a nice warm message you can positively think about.

With slow gentle massaging of the face, neck, and upper arms – the facial was an intense facial massage that put me into slumber. Brief moments I was aware of the facial scrub and cool fresh face mask which revitalised me. The experience was indulgently relaxing and I can definitely recommend it to anyone with stress or anxiety who simply wants to unwind.

A: Sofitel London St James, 6 Waterloo Place, SW1Y 4AN, London – United Kingdom
W: Sofitel St James Spa
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T.: 0044 (0)20 7747 2200

Written by Jessica Patterson for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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