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November 20, 2018

Luxury French Chocolates by World Champion Chocolatier

ZChocolat, a premier online retailer of luxury chocolate gifts since 1999 and a renowned ambassador of French chocolate savoir-faire, is widely celebrated for its distinctively-shaped line of signature chocolates. Available in 26 exclusive flavor variations created by the World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, each recipe represents the highest commitment to quality ingredients and epicurean excellence. Coupled with sophisticated packaging, elegant artisanal details, and boundless customization options, the result is a line of products both boldly luxurious and uncompromisingly chic à la française – delivering on the promise to make your gift recipients feel genuinely special and forever grateful.

zChocolat is a brand of extraordinary chocolates unlike anything else currently on the market. All natural high-quality ingredients, impeccable flavors, and uncompromising standards are top priorities, which is why we selected master artisan and World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet to help create a line of gourmet chocolates that quickly earned the respect of chocolate lovers around the globe.

We are not only just making the finest French chocolates available but we are providing sophisticated packaging and making an emphasis on product customization.

This has helped zChocolat earn the devotion of over 180,000 customers worldwide and established it among a select group of ultra-luxury brands available in over two hundred countries.

As the culminating member of the alphabet and the numerical representation for the infinite range of whole numbers, the letter Z has always been a fitting symbol for a company committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional chocolates.

From the sweet-salty combination of caramel and hazelnuts in the signature recipe that started it all, to the long list of cutting-edge confections regularly being added to our catalogue, zChocolat delivers what no other brand can – chocolate perfection with pure French savoir-faire.

The French are known for their superb wines and exquisite cuisine. French chocolate is no exception; it is one of the best chocolates in the world. Each chocolate is handmade by Pascal Caffet, World-Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: all natural ingredients, no alcohol, no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter. These signature dark, milk, and white chocolates include rich ganaches prepared with French butter, cream from Normandy and finely textured pralines honed from a perfected mixture of Valencia almonds from Spain and Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy.

Extending a present is bestowing a portion of thyself. All gifts are customizable with a personal touch, transforming a simple act of giving into an indelible experience:


The preselected chocolates assortments have been composed to offer a wide array of flavors catering to anyone’s taste. However, it may be replaced by a custom combination by selecting the personalized assortment option, – allowing you to handpick each chocolate.

A customizable greeting

A natural-fiber message card is entirely customizable with a personal message, a personal photo or a company logo. This card is slipped into the front pocket on the drawstring pouch, enclosing the chocolates.

Laser-printed atop the zBoxes

Our zBoxes come adorned with the zChocolat logo laser-printed on the plate atop the lid. It may be customized with a themed image from our library or by uploading a personal photo or corporate logo.

Digitally-printed inside our Mahogany boxes

Our Mahogany boxes are decorated with a golden plate inside of the lid. You may customize this plate by digital-printing a themed image from our library, your personal photo, or corporate logo.

Diamond-engraved on our zBoxes and our Mahogany boxes

All of our zBoxes are customizable with a 25-character message diamond-engraved onto a black plate which embosses the front side of the box.

Finished with French chic

Our high-quality wrapping paper is entirely handmade and carefully selected for its matte background and high-gloss, mosaic surface. The wrapped gift is elegantly finished with a white satin ribbon and a sophisticated handmade black wax seal. zChocolat also stamps the recipient’s initials or a special number in white to the black wax sealing the gift.

Give the recipients the key to their heart or Pick a special date (birthday, anniversary or other memorable date).

A heart-shaped padlock is added with a personalized combination which will be programmed as the gift is prepared.

First impressions count

An accessory cut-out from Mahogany wood is attached to the drawstring of your gifts’ cover pouch; this is the first detail of the gift that the recipient will see. There is an accessory to suit to any occasion: heart for a romantic gift, a present for a birthday, a survival-themed carving for a get-well present, and all Hobbies Collection are available.

Secret is safe with zChocolat

If you choose to send your gift anonymously, we will make sure the sender’s name does not appear on any document accompanying your gift. If your gift recipient calls zChocolat to ask who the gift is from, we will not reveal the sender’s identity.

Premium international gift delivery service of choice

zChocolat prime goal is to make the luxurious gift services available for delivery worldwide, in 253 destinations, all year-round no matter the climate.

All the chocolates are delivered worldwide by DHL Express with 24H online tracking and email delivery alerts. Whether they are shipped to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle-East, Africa or any remote island in the world, the chocolates will be delivered on time and in perfect condition regardless of the outside temperature.

Know where the package is in real-time

No need to check your shipment status online anymore! Throughout the delivery process, we send real-time email notifications informing you exactly where your package is. As soon as the gift is delivered, you will receive a confirmation email from zChocolat with the local delivery time and the name of person who signed for the package.

zChocolat is a service-focused organization, 100% committed to customer service excellence. They are humble and listen to what customers are saying and not saying.

For the sixth year in a row, zChocolat has been awarded the “Customer Service Award 2018” from the Better Business Bureau in the United States, which requires an A+ rating with a complaint-free record, conformance with rigorous accreditation standards, and impeccable business practices.

Chocolate is the 8th wonder of the world. We should never compromise with chocolate. zChocolat’s team has a passionate reverence for beauty and purity. It’s embodied in everything they create and do.

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