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July 14, 2020

Mahabis Canvas – Only the finest fabrics make the cut

As we now embrace a lifestyle that incorporates time spent indoors and outdoors, our wardrobe choices may need to be adapted to suit our new found freedom. thanks to their durability and style, Mahabis canvas provides the best of both worlds as the perfect transitional footwear choice.

The canvas design expertly melds the wearable pleasure of a slipper with the practicality of a shoe. the water and abrasion-resistant upper makes them ideal for pleasurable downtimes; be that a park stroll or a day in the garden.

The Scandi-influenced brand announces two new colour drops for June 2020 – ​Jutland stone​, inspired by the undisturbed natural beauty of the Danish sand dunes and ​Dalarna khaki​, named after the majestic Dalarna forest in Sweden.

Featuring a technically woven upper with a luxurious wool lining, no canvas slipper carries a greater combination of lightness and practicality. the tpu performance-grade fixed sole, with a multi-surface grip, also makes the design simple to sanitise after outdoor excursions.

Famed for its award-winning footwear and Scandi-inspired aesthetic, Mahabis canvas is designed to last, while providing instant bliss for your feet thanks to the gently compressing upper, a contouring foam footbed to provide support, and a 100% wool lining.

The Mahabis canvas is available in a range of six classic colourways inspired by the Scandinavian wilderness, ensuring there’s something to suit everyone. the Mahabis canvas is available from £79, visit​ ​Mahabis website to learn more.

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