Malminder Gill, a Hypnotherapist Who is Changing Lives

August 15, 2018

Meet the woman who is helping to break bad habits, mend relationships and re-invent lives; Award-Winning Hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill.

Boasting an impressive clientele that includes Royalty, celebrities and CEO’S, the range of concerns Malminder treats includes weight-management, addiction and grief, jealousy, heartbreak, loneliness and anxiety. Gill does more than solve problems – she offers radical change from within.

Results driven, Malminder guarantees her clients the liberation of regaining life-control through hypnotherapy, meditation and life coaching.

With a roaring success rate, Malminder uses a combination of hypnotism and holistic therapies to achieve incredible results. Her approach and technique is completely bespoke, personally tailored to the individual personality and mind-set – and this sets her apart from the rest.

Luxuria Lifestyle sits down with Gill to find out more:

LL: What drew you to this kind of work ?

Quite simply, I am fascinated by how our mind/emotions dictate the quality of our life experience.  I find myself plumbing the depths of the client’s unconscious whilst navigating through the complexities of their conscious reasoning and this certainly keeps my mental chords thoroughly challenged!  Listening to the intricate details of their lives, a narrative they’ve rarely expressed into words is humbling yet privileged position to be in, one that ultimately results in a continual renewal of love for life, experiences, people and things.  It is hard to walk away from a long day at the practice and not feel grateful.  And this is what I love about it, the constant reminder of the strangely coupled bedfellows that lie within us all – fragility and strength.

LL: What are your clients like?

My clients tend to hold esteemed positions in their career and social circles.  After years of battling with anxiety, depression, poor habits or confidence these clients are determined to restore balance in the mind and emotions. My clients want results and this is what I deliver.

LL: What is the biggest challenge you face in achieving success with clients?

Guiding clients to use the mind as a tool rather than a reactive regurgitator to their version of reality.  Lifting the veil of illusion to pave the way for a paradigm shift in their consciousness.  People are accustomed to holding on ever so tightly to their version of reality (even to their detriment) and unclenching that tight grasp is a difficult task.

LL: What is the most common problem or issue clients want addressed?
Any and all manner of relationship problems! Issues could arise from being married to a successful spouse to wanting and at the same time not wanting a divorce or separation of some kind. Other problems I help clients with include moving on after a relationship breakdown, anxiety, confidence and depression and related problems.

LL How long does it take to create real and long-lasting change?

Change is inevitable for all of my clients, undergoing a 6 week intensive bespoke program sets the stage for change and on-going support helps transition the changes into the new way of thinking, feeling and acting. My program is designed for results and includes frequent check-ins, full on support and weekly reviews to assess progress.

LL: What is the most common misconception about hypnosis?

That it is a kind of mind control that may or may not work depending on how ‘weak’ the hypnotic subject is.  Hypnosis, is by definition a focused yet relaxed state of mind, so whether you believe it or not, you are in a hypnotic state many times throughout the day, when you read a book, play a game or watch a movie! I combine hypnosis with other holsitic practices to offer a bespoke plan which goes beyond a standard scripted approach that is so often employed in today’s practices.  Every client is different, so why should the therapy emerge from a dusty old textbook written 20 years ago?

LL: How do you believe or what has been your experience in the ways that hypnosis can re-invent people’s lives?

My experience has shown me again and again, that the unconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind believes it to be. By training both true reinvention occurs in one’s life, one that is deep seated yet outwardly noticeable.

The Harley-street based practitioner was recently named as Finalist for Best Practitioner 2016 in Holistic Therapist Magazine and Beauty Olympia honoured her as a Best Practitioner in 2017. Outside of Malminder’s client work, she has completed post-graduate academic studies on Clinical Hypnosis at Robert Gordon University. Her work is informed by rigorous and innovative scientific research, and she regularly publishes academic papers. Most recently her work on chronic pain was published in the Journal of Sleep & Hypnosis.

Malminder also regularly appears on TV and radio (including BBC News and The Daily Show) and in print and digital media (Women’s Weekly, Huffington Post, The Independent) to give her trusted opinion on hypnotherapy and coaching.

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