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January 24, 2019

‘Spreading’ the Love this Valentine’s Day

Britain’s most iconic condiment has had a makeover this Valentine’s Day.

Renowned for dividing the country between Lovers and Haters, the famous Marmite jar is available for all the Lovers this year with a very special Valentine’s twist.

A solid silver lid showcases a unique Valentine’s design that is engraved with diamond-tipped cutters.

At the centre of the scene sits the name of your loved one, with a baby Cupid shooting a cloud of floating hearts.

Around the outside of the lid runs the message: “I love you even more than Marmite”.

The reusable Marmite lid is solid 925 sterling silver and made in England, featuring the hallmark of the Birmingham Assay Office.

Available from Engravers Guild of London, the personalised gifts retailer, the lids are £79 and can be previewed with your lover’s name online.

Elliot Bishton, the founder of Engravers Guild of London, said: “Marmite is famous the world-over for inspiring strong emotions and we thought it would make the perfect expression of love this Valentine’s Day. The silver Marmite lid is a truly unique piece and will be treasured for very many years.”

The Valentine’s Marmite Lid can be viewed and purchased here

Each silver lid comes complete with the 250g jar of Marmite.

About Engravers Guild

Engravers Guild of London is a personalised gifts retailer launched in 2016 designed to deliver a heightened gift experience.

A curated selection of gifts are presented online, with the customer able to preview the customisation in real-time before purchase.

Founded by Elliot Bishton, he is the fifth generation of a family that has been involved in the manufacturing and jewellery industries since the mid nineteenth century, and is proud to continue that heritage today with Engravers Guild of London.

Marmite and Engravers Guild

In 2018, Engravers Guild of London partnered with Unilever to create the most expensive jar of Marmite ever, reproducing the jar in 18k gold: Article

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